Oktoberfest pictures

Some Oktoberfest pictures to whet your appetite for the festival

Here it is! The Destination Munich collection of classic shots from the Oktoberfest.
These galleries have over 90 great pictures of Munich's famous festival.

Most of them come from photographers who use the Creative Commons licence on Flikr, they're all credited under the photos and you can visit their own Flikr webpages by clicking on the name.

Other Oktoberfest pictures come courtesy of the friendly folks at Munich Press Office (Presseamt München) and there are even a few from me. Enjoy!

oktoberfest-girl-with-beakLOVELY DAY FOR A PAULANER: A woman with a toucan beak
attempts to drink her amber brew at the Bavaria Oktoberfest. .myke

oktoberfest-bavarian-man-costumeBAVARIAN MAN: A true local proudly displays his traditional
Bavarian clothing. Jan Beckendorf

oktoberfest-food-schweinshaxeDIG IN: Possibly the finest Oktoberfest meal, Schweinshaxe
(pork knuckles). nordicdesign

oktoberfest-ride-whirl-spinSTUNNING: A time-delay shot of one of the rides at the annual
Oktoberfest festival. Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-girls-boobs-guyALL SMILES: A guy with two women in Dirndl dresses at
the Oktoberfest. eürodäna

oktoberfest-night-ridesLIT UP: The rides provide a dazzling backdrop to the Munich
Oktoberfest by night. Meng zai

oktoberfest-food-waitress-carrying-chicksHOT CHICK: An Oktoberfest waitress bearing a tray of fried
chicken (Hendl)- yum! andrijbulba

oktoberfest-pshorr-festwagon-munich-paradeROAD TO THE FEST: One of the carraiges transporting Oktoberfest staff to the festival. GAP089

2oktoberfest-germany-group-beerRAISE YOUR GLASSES: A trio in Bavarian Oktoberfest clothing
toast the camera. HGruber

oktoberfest-girl-waitressANOTHER DRINK?: An Oktoberfest barmaid with a one-litre
mug of beer. .myke

oktoberfest-paulaner-tentPURPLE SKY: Dusk over the Oktoberfest in Munich.
Nagy / Presseamt München

oktoberfest-gingerbread-hearzlHUNGRY FOR LOVE: A young woman inspects the gingerbread
hearts (Herzl) at the Munich Oktoberfest. farbfilm

otoberfest-guys-in-lederhosen-on-trainON THE WAY: A couple of lads in Lederhosen on a train
on the way to the Oktoberfest. Ken@Okinawa

oktoberfest-augustiner-tent-crowdedFULL TO THE RAFTERS: The party gets going inside one of the
tents at the Oktoberfest. Jan Beckendorf

oktoberfest-bankLEFT, RIGHT, BLOW!: A marching band of pirates booming around the Oktoberfest grounds. farbfilm

oktoberfest-long-shotFROM WAY UP HIGH: An ariel shot of the Oktoberfest Munich- look at all those people! farbfilm

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