Bavaria map

BAVARIA MAP: Here’s an annotated map of Bavaria (German Bayern), the biggest and most beautiful of Germany’s 16 Bundesländer – states.
As you can see if you zoom out, Bavaria is bigger than many European countries.
You can also see how it’s directly in the middle of the continent – one reason why I like to call Bavaria "the heart of Europe".
So far I’ve highlighted the boarder, the major Bavarian cities including the capital, Munich (German München), and the major castles and palaces associated with Bavaria’s favourite king, Ludwig II.
Click on the "Ter" terrain tab to get a sense of the Alps. Bavaria alone has hundreds of them, but there are so many more down south!
Take your own virtual tour on this map of Bavaria.

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The top 10 biggest cities in Bavaria

There are plenty more quaint urban landscapes out there in Bavaria beyond Munich.
Get a feel for a few of them in this illustrated guide to the top 10 biggest cities in Bavaria after the Weisswirst Metropolis.
Cities in Bavaria

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