Oktoberfest Dirndl photos

Oktoberfest Dirndl Photos, a gallery starring
the beautiful dress

It’s one of the most elegant, yet alluring traditional costumes around – the Bavarian Dirndl dress.

Here’s a collection of women (and a few men!) in typical German Dirndl dresses. As you’ll see, the style has evolved somewhat from the Bavarian norm.

The minimalist "sexy" Dirndl worn by some to Oktoberfest parties outside Germany might shock the locals over here.

But I think they look great. After all, the Dirndl design has never been static. Bavarian Dirndls have been evolving steadily since the dresses first became popular a few centuries ago. The bottom line is that a Dirndl should look and feel good.
If you haven’t already, you might like to read my main page about Bavarian Dirndls at German Dirndl. The Dirndl pictures below were taken by keen photographers who have chosen to share their work on Flickr.
Please enjoy. 

girl-dirndl-oktoberfest-cleavageA women in a Dirndl dress at the Munich Oktoberfest. Pic: Lolinka

cute-girls-in-dirndlsA girl in a green Dirndl with a friend in lederhosen shorts
at a beer festival. Pic: avarty

dirndl-viewThis girl gets a little up close and personal with a Dirndl. Pic: avarty

dirndl-oktoberfestA girl displays her apricot Dirndl apron... Pic: happy_serendipity

halloween-dirndl.. and another in a low-cut Dirndl dress.
Pic: isabisa

dirndl-dress-oktoberfestA young woman in a Dirndl takes part in an Oktoberfet parade. Pic: Toast to Life

dirndl-transvestitesDirndls aren't just for girls as these transvestites show at a Christopher Street Day parade in Berlin.
Pic: jÖrg

dirndl-germanYoung women in Trachten Dirndl on a ride at the Munich Oktoberfest.
Pic: Rob124

dirndl-at-oktoberfestA woman in a sexy Dirndl at at a beer festival. Pic: engintepe

dirndl-dressA woman shows off her German Dirndl. Pic: The Real Darren Stone

dirndl-photoAnother very fetching Dirndl.
Pic: mcbill

dirndl-girlsA montage of beautiful girls in Dirndls (and one in lederhosen!) at the Oktoberfest. Pic: discopalace

barbie-dirndlEven Barbie is getting in on the Dirndl act.
Pic: SageE

party-dirndlA woman in a definitely non-traditional, "sexy" take on the Dirndl. Pic: *bri*

oktoberfest-cleavageA girl in a low-cut Dirndl apron at the Munich Oktoberfest. Pic: nicholas macgowan

oktoberfest-girls-dirndlsIt's party time at this Bavarian beer festival!
Pic: nicholas macgowan

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