Car Rental Munich Germany

All you need to know about car rental in Munich, Germany

All major car rental agencies have branches in Munich and hiring your own set of wheels is usually a straightforward procedure.
Many even allow you to rent a car in one city and drop it off in another, even if that city is a couple of countries away.

Check though if you’re planning on heading east, some companies restrict travel to countries in Eastern Europe such as the Czech Republic.  Expect to pay at least €30 a day for a hatchback and €65 a day for a station wagon or something larger. 
Many rental companies offer special deals on weekends.

Most companies don't rent cars to under 25s, and if they do there’ll probably be a surcharge (Sixt charges young drivers an extra €10 a day and restricts them to small cars, for example).  Keep in mind that to drive around Munich your car needs to have a sticker showing how environmentally friendly it is. 

This should be provided by the rental company but it’s a good idea to ask up. 
All companies have branches at Munich Airport and many have a desk at the "Rental Centre" at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). 

There isn’t a great deal of quality difference between companies but from personal experience I recommend Europcar. Major car rental companies include: 

Address of central agency Mars Strasse 24 Phone 089 545 43990 

▪ Sixt 
Address of central agency
 Seitz Strasse 9-11 Phone 1805 252 525 
Website (in German) 

Address of central agency Hauptbahnhof 1 (upstairs at the Main Train Station) Phone 089 55022 5152 

▪ Herz 
Address of central agency Lotte-Branz Strasse 3 Phone089 31 83 660