Oktoberfest with kids

Can you really take kids to Oktoberfest? Here's six tips for a successful visit wiht children

Despite what you may have thought, the world-famous beer festival isn’t just for grown-ups.
You CAN visit Oktoberfest with kids - and have a great time doing it.
Here are our top six tips for taking children along.

1. Choose Tuesday

Each Tuesday at Oktoberfest is Familientag - family day, and, until 7pm there are discounts on rides, amusements and at the food stands.

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Above: A youngster enjoys the Oide Wiesn - he's drinking an Apfelsaftschorle - apple juice spritzer.

2. Find a quiet time

Tuesday is also one of the festival’s quieter days, which can’t be a bad thing if you’re pushing around a stroller.
Check our Oktoberfest Barometer to see how busy the festival gets at various times and days - in general, weekday mornings and early afternoons are the best.

oktoberfest-with-kids-rideSCOOTIN' AROUND: Children enjoy the Calypso ride at the Munich Oktoberfest. Pic: Tommy Loesch @Oktoberfest with kids

3. Kids in beer tents?

Yes, children are allowed in the Oktoberfest beer tents, but there are rules.
All children under six have to be out by 8pm, but children between six and 16 can stay on if they’re accompanied by an adult.
Among others, the Augustiner Festhalle tent prides itself on being family friendly

4. Prams and strollers

You are even allowed to bring prams and strollers into the beer tents, although I wouldn't venture this after lunch on weekdays, or at all on weekends. However, prams and strollers are only allowed on the Oktoberfest grounds until 6pm from Sunday to Friday, and they’re not allowed in the grounds at all on Saturdays or on October 3 (because it’s a public holiday and very busy).

5. Family area

There is a special family-friendly section in the east of the Oktoberfest grounds, on a street called Strasse 3 Ost.
It's just off the main north-to-south 'amusements' street (as opposed to the north-to-south 'beer tent' street.
There you’ll find rides including dodgem cars just for kids, and a beer garden called Familien-Platzl.
This spot has a ‘garage’ for prams, a diaper-changing area and a microwave to heat up milk or other kids’ food (which you can take in with you).

kids-at-oktoberfest-munichLIKE FATHER, LIKE SON: Generations enjoying Oktoberfest. Pic: Miles Cave @Oktoberfest with kids

6. Old Oktoberfest

The Old Oktoberfest - Oide Wiesn - is a special area in the south of the festival grounds and is a another great place to head if you’re at the Oktoberfest with kids.
It’s known for being family-friendly and there are rides including a chair-o-plane and carousels for just €1.
There’s also a play area just for kids called the Limogarten - Lemonade garden.

MORE: Find out all about the Oide Wiesn

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