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What comes to mind when you think of
Munich and Bavaria?

Lederhosen, laptops and fairytale castles. State-of-the-art cars and age-old traditions.
Golden beer, white sausages and rolling green hills all the way to the Alps.
Sweet dreams are made of this and so is Bavaria, Germany’s most enchanting corner and a must on any European tour.
Hi, I’m Stu, a journalist and long-time lover of all things Munich and Bavaria. I’ve created this site to help visitors get the most out of their trip to the region.
It's a place I’ve come to love and if you’re lucky enough to visit, I’m sure you will too.
So pull up a chair, get comfy, and let's explore Munich and Bavaria's many wonderful sights, beer gardens, castles and kooky customs. As they say here: Willkommen in Bayern!

munich-destinationMunich is the jewel of Germany - a vibrant, fun and fascinating city.

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Welcome back!

After a few difficult years for international tourism, travel is well and truly back on people's agendas. Once again the hubbub of half a hundred languages fills Munich's cobbled streets, and day-trips to Bavaria's Alps, castles and picturesque villages are more popular than ever.

The Oktoberfest in 2023 was in fact the best-attended on record, drawing an estimated 7.2 million people from all corners of the globe.

And just as the world is falling back in love with the place, trends such as contactless payments, a boom in hotels, cheaper flights and the prevalence of Airbnbs have made travel easier than ever before. So what are you waiting for?

You'll find plenty of useful information, stories and useful advice on these pages to help get you started planning your trip.

Munich in a nutshell

Status: Capital of Bavaria, the biggest and richest state in Germany.
Population: 1.5 million
Known for: Oktoberfest, lederhosen, BMW, Olympics in 1972, birthplace of the beer garden
Language spoken: German and a local dialect called Boarisch
Useful phrases: -Grüss Gott (formal hello),
-Servus (informal hello, goodbye),
-Gut schaust du aus (you look great),
-Noh a Moss, bitte! (One more litre mug of beer, please!)
-Hast du ’was Klopapier? (Have you got any loo paper?)
Famous past residents: Vladimir Lenin, Lola Montez, Freddie Mercury, Joseph Ratzinger (former Pope), Lou Bega
Currency: The Euro € . One Euro equals about 1.08 US dollars, 0.86 British pounds, 1.64 Australian dollars and 2.54 Tongan Pa'anga
Common souvenirs: Beer steins, lion dolls, Oktoberfest hats
Quote: "Today is the good old times of tomorrow"–Munich comic Karl Valentin

What is the current time in Munich?

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