Cheap Munich Hostels

CHEAP MUNICH HOSTELS: There’s a solid number of independent youth hostels in Munich for visitors who’d rather save their Yankee dollars for beer. 

They’re relaxed places and most have a bar and some kind of chill-out zone for when a hangover’s got the better of you. Staff are easy going and helpful, often more so than at mid-range hotels. 

wombats-hostel-munichRELAX:  Chilling out at Wombat's. One of the best cheap
Munich hostels.

All have dorms and a selection of double and single rooms. Expect to pay about €20 to €30 for berth in a dorm and up to €60 for a private room. 
Prices double or triple during Oktoberfest, so bite the bullet and book early. 

Cheap Munich Hostels

Destination Munich has done a few in-depth hostel reviews, click on the link to get the low-down: 


 Jaegers Hostel Munich Big and boisterous hostel just near the Main Train Station. My rating: 7/10

euro youth hostel munich

▪ Euro Youth Hostel – Another party pad just south of the train station. My rating 9/10

Other top choices

▪ The4You – Well run and central with a buffet brekky and bar serving cheap beer. Check Prices
Address Hirten Strasse 18 Phone 089 5521 660 

▪ Wombat’s – A solid city choice for the young at heart, with a great bar and a cosy "winter garden". Address Senefelder Strasse 1 Phone 089 5998 9180 

▪ CVJM Jugendgaestehaus (YMCA Munich) – It is indeed fun to stay here. 
Munich’s Y offers a wide range of activities for kids and adults. Address Landwehr Strasse 13 Phone 089 552 1410 Website

▪ Smart Stay - Hostel Munich City– A multi-cultural little joint with dorms, doubles and singles. Very close to the Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest field).
Address Mozart Strasse 4 Phone 089 55 87 970

▪ Meininger – A boxy low-key number with dorm beds and overpriced doubles. Address Landsberger Strasse 20 Phone 030 666 36 100  

▪Jugendhotel "In Via" Marienherberge A women-only hostel near the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). 
Expect to pay about €25 for a spot in a four-bed dorm, €30 for a single room and €55 for a double. 
It’s only open to women under 28 and there’s a lockout from midnight to 6am. 
 Goethe Strasse 9, Munich, Phone 089 55 58 05 Email online bookings aren't possible.

Hostelling International in Munich

Munich also has several "official" youth hostels (German: Jungendgästehaus orJungendherberge) part of the Hostelling International network. 
There is no age limit but it helps if you’re a member of a hostelling organisation in your own country. 
If you’re not you can still stay, but you have to pay for an "International Guest Card" which costs €3.10 a night for up to six nights before you’re in the club. These hostels tend to be super clean and breakfast is included in the price (around €30 for a dorm bed). 
The downside is that they’re pretty sterile and often less fun than the independent hostels. 

In Munich they are:
▪ Hostel München-City – About 5kms north-west of the city centre.
Address Wendl-Dietrich Strasse 20 Phone 089 202 444 90 

▪ Hostel München Park – A fair hike south of the city centre in Thalkirchen. 
Address Miesinger Strasse 4 Phone 089 785 767 70 

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