Does it snow in Munich?

Can you expect snowy weather if you visit Munich in winter?

The short answer? Yes! It snows pretty much every year in Munich although the amount and the arrival date can vary.
Munich has what weather-bugs call a mix between an oceanic climate and a humid continental climate.
Does it snow in Munich Luis GervasiSnow falling in Munich's Englischer Garten park. Here you can see people enjoying sledding on the slopes of the Monopteros, the Greek style temple. Picture: © München Tourismus, Luis Gervasi This means Munich weather consists of hot summers (up to around 37C or 99F in July and August) and downright freezing winters (down to -11C or 24F in January and February).
Plus there can be a lot of precipitation any time of year. So it’s definitely cold enough to snow in Munich, in fact, sometimes in the depths of winter it’s actually too cold for it because the atmosphere is too dry.
If that happens during your visit you’ll be thanking the sweet lord baby Jesus the city has a solid range of museums and other indoor attractions to enjoy.
But each year’s snow varies.
Does it snow in Munich Luis Feldherrnhalle Luis GervasiSnow coating the lions in front of the Feldherrnhalle at Munich's Odeonsplatz. Picture: © München Tourismus, Luis Gervasi
In my first winter in Munich we hardly saw a flurry until early February, when there were some good snowfalls and I finally got to engage in my first snowball fight (like, ever - I grew up in Australia remember) outside the local Norma supermarket.
A few years later it started snowing at the end of November, and the city had a brilliant white coat for the whole of December, giving the Christmas markets a truly magical atmosphere.
I’d say, if you’re visiting Munich any time between late November and late February, be prepared for snow, but don’t count on it.
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