Tourist Attractions Munich - the top 10

A guide to discovering the top tourist attractions
Munich has to offer

You’ve gotten off the plane and checked into your hotel, so what now? It’s time to go sightseeing.
Lucky for you, Munich has no lack of attractions to keep you busy for a while. On this page I’ve put together my Top 10 Munich attractions. These are the sights I insist my own buddies check out when they visit Munich.
The sights included form an eclectic little assemblage, spanning glory days of kings and queens to the darkness of World War II. Other attractions focus on the city’s love of sport, art and beer. Keep in mind this list is subjective. You might think other sights should have been included and others left out. If you like, you can comment on the list or even add your own personal Top 10 below.
Enjoy exploring Munich!

There's lots to do and see in Munich. This pic was taken at the Munich Zoo!
@ Tourist Attractions Munich Pic: Allie_Caulfield

10 ▪ Nymphenburg Palace - Splendid summer palace. Before visiting Nymphenburg, you first need to get yourself into a "think big" frame of mind - so just take a moment, close your eyes and imagine: King Kong, monster trucks, Oktoberfest beer mugs, America's deficit.

9 ▪ Munich Residenz - Jewel of the crown. The Residenz is the big, fat, shiny jewel in Munich's majestic crown. It's easily up there with the best of Europe's great palaces.

8 ▪ Allianz Arena - Soccer central. "It's a space ship from the planet Zorb!" "No, it's a giant inflatable boat!" "Rubbish, it's the world's most beautiful, modern and innovative temple of football!"

7 ▪ Neue Pinakothek - Heart for art. This is my favorite of Munich's three big art galleries (Pinakotheks). Inside is a collection of masterful European paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, many collected by King Ludwig I.

6 ▪ Englischer Garten - Slendour in the grass. I've whiled away some of my most contented hours here, lying shirt off besides a summer stream, listening to the sounds of nature and the chatter of other delinquent timewasters in the distance.

5 ▪ Frauenkirche - The Devil lurks within. A symbol of the Devil lurks within Munich's greatest church. The Frauenkirche's two onion-domed towers are so much a part of Munich's image that they've become the symbol of the city.

Dark clouds gather over Munich's Frauenkirche cathederal (left) and the
Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall).

4 ▪ Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial - Prototype for misery. When the Nazis came to power in 1933, they didn't waste any time getting vicious. They built Dauchau Concentration Camp, their first, that same year. It became the prototype for all Nazi death camps and they say about 43,000 people died here.

3 ▪ Deutsches Museum - Superlative science. The Deutsches Museum imprints itself onto Munich's landscape like an enormous, crazy scientist with oversized goggles, sitting in a duck-shaped boat he's trying to launch into space.

2 ▪ Hofbräuhaus - Where Munich meets the world. If Munich is the capital of the beer-drinking faith, this is where pilgrims come to pray. The mighty Hofbrauhaus is like a mini-Oktoberfest all year round.

1 ▪ Marienplatz - Munich's belly button. Look no further, you've reached the glorious centre of the Bavarian universe. Munich locals call Marienplatz the Guten Stube or "front room" of their city.

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