CouchSurfing in Munich

COUCHSURFING IN MUNICH: Couch surfing represents a new wave in travel.

The concept is simple: you find someone who lives in your destination on the CouchSurfing website, write to them and if you’re lucky, they’ll give you accommodation for free.
The only condition is that you pass on a bit of the love and host somebody yourself one day, if you can.

Couch surf and connect


SURF IT:Couch Surfing in Munich can not only get you free accommodation, but also new friends.
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But couch surfing is a lot more than a free place to crash.
It’s the friendships you can make and authentic experiences and knowledge you can only get from staying with a local.
The Munich CouchSurfing group (find it online here) has over 2700 members and a special group set up for people looking for Oktoberfest accommodation.

Tip: Remember that although CouchSurfing is a free service, a token gift for your hose like a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers is always appreciated:-)

Is it safe?

I’m still fairly new to CouchSurfing but I've done both hosting and "guesting" and I think it’s a great concept.
Some people freak out about the idea of staying in a stranger’s house. But there are risks with any sort of travel and I don’t think that taking part in CouchSurfing is particularly dodgy.
There are over 3 million CouchSurfing members around the world so it’s not exactly a fringe activity anymore.
The system has a verification process and people can leave comments (both positive and negative) about their hosts/guests.
Just keep an open mind and write to someone you think you’ll feel safe with.

Not just for surfers


Even if you don’t want to stay at someone’s place you might still be able to get something out of CouchSurfing in Munich.
You also have the chance to meet locals and other travellers.
Many member who are unable to host guest post their status as "Coffee or a drink", which means they are open to meeting travellers and showing them a little of the city where they live.
Munich couch surfers have meetings every Tuesday evening and on the last Saturday of each month. Visiting members are of course welcome.
They also have a bi-weekly language exchange where travellers and locals can practice their skills (in German, English or otherwise).
So why not give it a try? Catch the couch surfing wave and you may never want to stay in a hotel again.

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