Inside Neuschwanstein Castle Photos

Step inside Neuschwanstein Castle - you won't believe the opulence of Ludwig II's fairytale castle

This photo gallery takes you on a journey inside Neuschwanstein Castle - and it's interiors will amaze you.
It is incredible to think that only about 15 rooms were finished by the time of King Ludwig II’s death and the cancellation of the project.
And remember, the king only had the chance to spend 11 nights in the castle.
But what did get finished showcase Ludwig's character better than any of his other palaces.
His loves and longings are brought to life through murals of German legends are depicted throughout, among them stories of the 'Swan Knight' Lohengrin.
And once you see these photos inside Neuschwanstein you realise that the castle's medieval appearance really is only skin deep.
Ludwig was an early-adopter of cutting-edge gadgets and his castle is technologically way ahead of its time.
Central heating, flushing toilets and hot running water were all on hand for the king who spared no expense.
Ludwig also installed an electrical bell system to summon servants and his meals were raised via a lift to his dining room from the kitchen below.
There was even a telephone, but Ludwig could only place calls one place, which was in the nearby village of Füssen.
Enjoy the pictures inside Neuschwanstein Castle and if you haven’t already decided to visit, I hope this collection inspires you to one day make the journey.

The Throne Room

neuschwanstein throne roomHALL OF MAJESTY: This is a colorized black and white photo of Neuschwanstein's Throne Room from 1886, by Joseph Albert. The room looks the same today.

Highlights of Neuschwanstein's Thronsaal (Throne Room) include a mural of St George slaying the dragon, an intricate mosaic floor depicting a zoos worth of wildlife and a huge chandelier.
Ludwig drew inspiration from classical Byzantine churches for the hall and its majesty shows how he regarded himself - a king appointed by god.
But the throne itself is missing.
It was on order when Ludwig died and delivery was cancelled when the Bavarian parliament ordered work on the castle to stop.

thorne room neuschwanstein photoThe Throne Room chandelier: Pic: Mathias Apitz


neuschwanstein-interiorSt George and the dragon in Neuschwanstein's Throne Room. Pic: albany_tim

The Hall of Singers (Sängersaal) 

This grand concert hall was one of Ludwig’s favourite parts of Neuschwanstein.
The room was both designed for performances of the operas of Richard Wagner, as well as other favourites, and as a monument to the Medieval German legends Ludwig so loved.
Its walls are decorated with images from Lohengrin and Parzival, Romantic legends which were brought to life by Wagner.
No performances were held The Hall of Singers in Ludwig’s time, with the first taking place in 1933 - the 50th anniversary of Wagner’s death.
It is still used as a concert hall on occasion today.
At 270sq m this was the biggest room in the castle and offers stunning views over the countryside.

neuschwainstein-sangersaalInside Neuschwainstein's Hall of Singers. Pic: Mathias Apitz

Neuschwanstein-hall-of-singers.jpgAnother view of the castle's Hall of Singers (Sängersaal). Pic: Mathias Apitz

Inside-Neuschwanstein-Singers-hall.jpgThe Hall of Singers is one of Neuschwanstein's most majestic rooms. Pic: Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung

The Bedroom

Neuschwanstein-bedroomThe photo of the bedroom at Neuschwanstein Castle. Pic: albany_tim @ Inside Neuschwanstein Castle photos

The Grotto

This fascinating room is between the salon and the study on Neuschwanstein's third floor.
Ludwig had a stage designer called August Dirigl build it with artificial stalactites and was originally designed to include a waterfall.
You can push back someof the fake rocks to reveal a Winter Garden, with a stunning view of the Alps.

Other rooms

inside-neuschwanstein-dining-room Inside Neuschwanstein Castle's elegant dining room. Pic: Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung @ Inside Neuschwanstein Castle photos

Neuschwanstein-dining-roomA historic photo of the king's dining room. The room came equipped with an electric bell system so Ludwig could summon servants from anywhere in the castle. @ Inside Neuschwanstein Castle photos

neuschwanstein-insideIn this photo inside Neuschwanstein Castle, you can see the 'first-generation' telephone in the corner. Pic: Mathias Apitz

neuschwanstein-kitchen.jpgThe cavernous kitchen at Neuschwanstein Castle. Pic: albany_tim

neuschwanstein-kitchen-photoAnother view of the castle's kitchen. Pic: Enrique Domingo

Take an organized tour

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