Munich Airport map

MUNICH AIRPORT MAP: If you’ve read the main story about Munich Airport you know about what you can find there, now let’s have a look at how you can find it in the first place.

Hope you’ll find the following maps of Munich’s Franz-Joseph-Strauss airport useful.

Maps from the Munich Airport website

munich-airport-1Here's an example of the kind of maps
of Munich you can find online. Scroll down for
website links which have Munich maps.

• See here for a detailed map of Munich Airport Terminal 2 from the official Munich Airport website

• And here's a map of Terminal 1

• See here for a map of Munich Airport Centre

The Google view of things...

Here’s the Munich Airport as seen in Google maps.
You can zoom in and out on this one to see where the airport is in relation to Munich and other Bavarian cities like Nuremburg, Augsburg and Regensburg.
Please see the main Munich Airport story here if you’re after a map of Munich Airport’s road links.

munich-airport-map-1HUB: Munich Airport is southern Germany's biggest. Pic: CC from Wikimedia

Need a Munich subway map?

munich-tansport-map-thumbSee here for PDF Munich subway and public transportation maps.

Here’s a map of Munich Airport with a key listing important points in German. Click on the map for a larger version.

As you can see the airport is close to Freising, a town with a history older than Munich itself.
This map also shows the planned Terminal 3 to the north of the two existing runways.

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