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Just in case you weren't sure, Munich is the capital city of Germany's largest state, Bavaria (German: Bayern).
Regional Bavaria is very well connected to the capital, so Munich makes an excellent base for days-trips and excursions.
Here are some great ideas for exploring Bavaria, your portal for exploring this beautiful region!

1. The factual fairytale

neuschwanstein germany

Think of romantic Germany and one indelible image comes to mind – Neuschwanstein Castle.

It’s the stuff of fairytales, an old oddball’s dream, a majestic mix of structure and landscape and one of Europe’s biggest tourist magnets.

Destination Munich has six pages on Neuschwanstein castle including practical info, oppotunities for organised tours from Munich and, of course, plenty of photos,

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Pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle

2. Climb every mountain


Strap on your hiking boots and expore the mountains behind Neuschwanstein Castle. Let me show you the way to the top of the:

3. A sacred mound of fine beer

andechs germany

On a hill about 40km south-west of Munich you'll find Kloster Andechs. It's home to a Benedictine monastery, a church and one of the most loved beer gardens in the whole state.
Make your own pilgrimage to this most holy spot.
Kloster Andechs

4. Bewitching town in Bavaria's north

amberg germany

Discovering Amberg is like finding a $50 note in your coat pocket you didn't know you had - wonderful, unexpected and oh so welcome. Here you can get a taste of "untouched" Bavaria.

5. Natural wonder

partnachklamm daytrip from munich

The Partnachklamm is a natural gorge near the Bavarian Alpine town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Walk its length and soak up the natural beauty - as well as the spray from the waterfalls overhead.
Partnachklamm picture gallery

6. Home on the range

day trips from Munich

Bavarian King Ludwig II had an unusual ritual for his birthday celebrations: He’d go high into the Alps and lounge about an extravagant Oriental parlour. You can reach his Königshaus am Schachen (King’s House on the Schachen) on a day hike from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Kongishaus am Schachen
Konigshaus Picture gallery.

7. The top 10 biggest cities in Bavaria

wurzburg germany

There are a lot more quaint urban landscapes out there in Bavaria beyond Munich.
Get some day-tripping ideas from this illustrated guide to the top 10 biggest cities in Bavaria after the Weisswirst Capital.
Cities in Bavaria

9. Herrenchiemsee Palace - Ludwig's Versailles?


Ludwig's most expensive creation sits on an island in lake near the Alps. Bold and beautiful, the Herrenchiemsee Palace is a fantastic day-trip from Munich.
Herrenchiemsee Palace
Herrenchiemsee pictures

8. Linderhof Palace - Work of a genuis?

linderhof palace germany

Former Bavarian King Ludwig II is known by many names: The Mad King, the Swan King, the Fairytale King, the Gay King, the Night King.
You'll be calling him the Brilliant King after seeing the Alpine palace he designed
Schloss Linderhof
Linderhof pictures

10. Popuar ski resorts near Munich

Where are best places to ski in Bavaria? Find out here. Skiing enthusiast Steve Rout has put together this great story so you'll get the most out of your Bavarian skiing adventure.
Ski resorts near Munich

Germany's top 21 attractions

RothenburgMost of these aren't doable as day-trips from Munich but it's a fascinating list nonetheless. The top 21 cool attractions in Germany - as voted by you in a German National Tourist Board survey - will surprise you.
Germany's top 21 attractions

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