Partnachklamm picture gallery

PARTNACHKLAMM PICTURE GALLERY:Here are some more shots of my visit to the Partmachklamm gorge near the Bavarian Alpine resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

My friends and I chose to leg it from the town’s train station, which took about 40 minutes.
There are lots of magnificent (and no doubt very expensive) Bavarian-Alps style houses to take in along the way.
This is the companion page to my main Partnachklamm story. See there for more details about the gorge, how to get there, maps, etc.

SERVICE?: Umm, sorry, couldn't resist this shot. It's of a business on the way from the Garmisch-Parenkirchen train station to the gorge.

HIGH JUMP: The ski jump (Große Olympiaschanze) on the outskirts of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Originally built in 1921, it was a focal point for the 1936 Winter Olympics. The jump was renovated in 2007 and now stands 149m (189ft) high.

MASTER RACE: Hitler brought the separate towns of Garmisch and Partenkircken into one domain in anticipation of the 1936 games. There’s a few Third Reich reminders at the Große Olympiaschanze, including these idealized statues of athletic Germans.

TOUR GROUP: A few good-looking people, and me on our way into the gorge.

THE ROCK: The rock walls of the gorge rise up to 86m (282ft).

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TIGHT: A narrow point in the Partnachklamm near Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

WET ‘N’ WILD: Waterfalls pour down from above.

RUSH: The water in the Partnachklamm comes from a slow-dying Alpine glacier.

RAY OF LIGHT: The play of sun rays in the gorge is amazing.

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Once past the Partnachklamm we continued on to the Konigshaus on Schachen, a little known cottage buit by Ludwig II. It's a three to four hour hike but worth every muscle cramp.

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