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MUNICH TRAVEL INFO: This page is a portal for finding out about all the practical stuff you might need when you’re travelling.
These details might not get your blood pumping, but should keep you out of trouble and your expense account in the black.

munich-subway MASS-TRANSIT: Commuters emerging from a Munich subway. Pic:CC dev null

Featured story

▪ Cheap Munich - 10 top tips for cutting costs on your visit to Munich - see the city on the cheap.

Getting there

▪ Getting to Munich (and away) - An overview of the options for getting to Munich.
▪ Car sharing in Germany- A cheap way to traverse Germany (and Europe) at short notice.
▪ Car Rental Munich Germany- How and where to rent a car in Munich, Germany.
▪ Bus to Munich- How to get to and from Munich by long-distance coach.

Getting around

▪ Getting around Munich - Munich subway, trams and trains. Introducing the city's public transport system.
▪ Buying tickets- Which public transport ticket is right for your stay?
▪ Munich transport maps- PDF maps of the Munich subway and public transport.
▪ Munich by bike- Tips for Munich bike tours and Munich bike rental.


▪ Munich Airport - Info about the Munich Airport and what's there.
▪ Munich Airport Transfers - How to get from Munich Airport to downtown Munich.
▪ Munich Airport Map- Maps of Munich Airport.


▪ Munich and Bavaria maps - A directory of the maps on Destination Munich.
▪ Map of Munich - Munich maps online and where to find maps in the city.
▪ Bavaria Map- An interactive map of Bavaria.


▪ Munich Weather - An illustrated guide to Munich's four seasons, with a current weather outlook.
▪ Visa Requirements for Germany- An overview of what visa you may need.

Books and film

▪ Books in English - Where to find second-hand and new English books in Munich.
▪ Munich travel guides- Reviews of selected published travel guides about Munich.
▪ Cinemas in Munich - A guide to cinemas showing movies in English.

Staying in touch

▪ Munich calling - Information about telephoning to and from Munich.
▪ Postal services in Munich - How to use the city's post.
▪ Websites about Munich - A mini-directory of Munich-specific sites.

More information

▪ Tourist information centres -Munich's info centres for visitors and the services they offer.
▪ Munich for disabled travellers - Info and tips for physically challenged visitors.
▪ Gay Munich (and lesbian Munich)- Tips and links about Munich's gay and lesbian scene.
▪ Women travellers in Munich- A few tips and advice specific to women travellers to Munich.
▪ School and public holidays in Bavaria- Find out when Munich and Bavaria goes on holidays here.
▪ Munich opening hours - A guide to what's open when in Munich.

If you're in trouble

▪ Consulates in Munich- if you get into trouble you may need to call on these.
▪ Munich Lost and Found - Where to find something when things go missing, and how to cancel lost credit cards and phones in Munich.

munich-trainBREAK OUT: Breaking open the doors of a German train and hiking across the lines is illegal! But I and about 700 other sweaty passengers found it necessary on the way to Oktoberfest one day.
The train stopped (electrical failure) and we were stuck inside cooking for over an hour – just 500m away from the Main Train Station.
Fortunately, Munich’s public transport is usually as efficient as you would expect from Germany.

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