Munich Calling

MUNICH CALLING: Due to the mobile phone (German: Handy) revolution, the number of public telephones around Munich is steadily decreasing, just like everywhere else in the world.
But you can still find them spread throughout the city, and especially at train and subway stations.
Public telephones are always cheaper than using a hotel phone.
In Munich they’re usually grey with bright pink highlights. The older telephone booths are yellow.
The majority of public telephones in Munich take phone cards (either 6 euros or 25 euros) which you can buy from newspaper stands, post offices and some hotels. Some also take either coins or credit cards.
You might want to consider buying an international telephone card before leaving home, a good idea if you’re planning to hit several countries over a couple of weeks. Costs, of course vary depending on where you're calling and the time of day.

Dialling tips

1. If you’re making an international call to a landline phone, first dial 00, then wait for the tone before dialling the country code, area code and number. Remember to leave off the first 0 of the area code.

2. If you’re calling a mobile (cell phone) overseas dial 00, wait for the tone and dial the country code and then the mobile number, leaving off the first 0 of the mobile number.

3. A few popular country codes; Australia: 61, New Zealand: 64, USA and Canada: 1, United Kingdom: 44, Ireland: 353, South Africa: 27.

4. The country code for Germany is 49 and the area code for Munich is 89.
*Directory enquiries for Germany: 11 833
*International directory enquiries: 11 834

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