Accommodation Munich

A few tips on finding the best room for your budget

Munich has accommodation to please every taste and touch, and standards are generally higher here than in other big German cities. 
There are many hotels and hostels clustered around the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station). 
While this is convenient and close to the Oktoberfest field it's not a particularly nice part of the city with more than its fair share of porn shops and sports bars. 
Nicer are lodgings closer in to the Altstadt or along the Isar River but these are a tad harder to come by. 
There is also a smattering of hotels around Munich Airportsee here for listings and a map.  If you're in Munich and you're still scouting for a hotel, pick up a copy of the excellent Munich City Guide from the tourist office. 
It lists just about every lodging in the city. 

sleeping-munich-trains-stationNEED A BED? There's no need to sleep at Munich Train Station (like these
girls who were part of a Deutsche Bahn promotion of overnight trains).
See below for accommodation Munich options.


Space in Munich is a valued commodity and you might find yourself forking out more on accommodation here than in cities like Berlin or Hamburg. 
Rates go up during the warmer months (expect to pay "high season" prices from May to October). Be prepared to bite the bullet if you're coming for Oktoberfest. Prices skyrocket up to three times the normal going price.
For example, the budget hotel chain Ibis charges €49 for one person during summer and €179 for the same room during the festival. It's crazy but you can expect all the hotels to do the same. 
Counter-intuitive though it is, hotel rates usually go down on weekends. 
I guess this is because of the high number of business travellers push up demand during the week. It's worth asking for a discount if you're coming for a weekend. 
If you're really looking to save money you might want to consider staying at a campsite or participating in the free accommodation service, CouchSurfing
See the stories below to explore the options.

Oktoberfest hotel rates too high? Stay out of the city

You can cut costs by staying outside Munich during Oktoberfest. Though you'll have to pay a bit extra to commute in and out you'll end up saving a bunch on "festival surcharges" heaped on by the Munich hotels. 
Smaller cities less than an hour away from central Munich by train include AugsburgLandsberg and Freising.  It's even possible to do Oktoberfest as a day-trip from Salzburg in Austria, it's about two hours away by train.

Trip Advior's Top 10 Munich Hotels

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Luxury Munich hotels

accommodation munich

Munich caters well for visitors who like a little luxury. Here are  listings of recommended four and five-star Munich hotels as well as links to in-depth reviews I've done.
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Cheap Munich hotels


Some real bargains are to be had among Munich's mid-range and budget hotels. 
See here for listings and in-depth reviews.
(For more info go to: Cheap Munich hotels)

Hotels near Munich Airport


If you're only in Munich for the short-term or you've got an early flight, you might consider looking for accommodation near Munich Airport. 
(For more info go to: Hotels near Munich Airport)

Cheap Munich hostels


Fun, lively lodgings ideal aimed at younger travellers. 
(For more info go to: Cheap Munich hostels )

Couch surfing


What if I told you I knew a place you could stay for free, where you can not only make new friends but get a lot closer to the "real" Munich than you ever could by staying in a fancy hotel? 
Interested? Then read on, Couch Surfing could be just what you're looking for. 
(For more info go to: CouchSurfing in Munich)



Camping is another econmical means to visit Munich, and this way 
you get to enjoy the city's green spaces at the same time. 
Some sites don't require you to bring a tent (they have their own for rent) and there is even a special site set up just for Oktoberfest. 
Most also have space for caravans and campervans.
(For more info go to: Camping in Munich)

Oktoberfest beds


If you're coming to Munich just for the Oktoberfest you'll have to pay a premium on room prices - no exceptions. Luckily this Oktoberfest bed finder can help you find the best-value place to stay. Don't believe me? Just give it a try and compare!
(For more info go to: Oktoberfest beds)

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