Map of Munich, Germany

MAP OF MUNICH, GERMANY: If you’re looking forward to your visit you might like to have a city map of Munich before you arrive.
But unless you can find a good-quality map of the city at your local book store you’re better off waiting until you get here.

map-of-munichHere's an example of the kind of city maps of Munich you can find online. Scroll down for website links which have Munich maps.

Annotated map of Munich

There are heaps of inlaid Google maps on Destination Munich to help with your planning.
Just below is one of the best, it shows all of the attractions and sights reviewed on this website.
Click on the icons to find links to the stories.
There are more links to maps of Munich Airport and the Oktoberfest field further down.

View Attractions Munich map in a larger frame.

Finding maps in Munich

My advice is to use free Internet maps to do your research, and print out a Google map showing how to get your hotel. Then when you get to Munich you can pick up a fold-out colour map of the city from one of the following places:

▪ Where you’re staying – Most hostels and hostels have decent maps of Munich for their guests. Some of these Munich maps even include witty reviews of the city’s sights and nightspots. Munich’s Wombat’s Hostel puts out a particularly entertaining guide on the back of theirs.

▪ Starbucks – The Starbucks inside the Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station) has free and perfectly usable Munich city maps. The coffee shop is at the southern end of the station next to platform 11.

Need a Munich subway map?

munich-tansport-map-thumbIf you're after PDF Munich subway and public transportation maps see here.
For maps of Munich Airport see the tabs at the bottom of the page.

▪ Tourist Information Centres –
The tourist info centres at the Hauptbahnhof and Marienplatz both offer dirt cheap (40c) simple maps of Munich, and ones for about €4 with a lot more info.

▪ Ticket offices – The MGV (Munich public transport) ticket offices in the subway at Marienplatz and Sendlinger Tor sell Munich maps for €3.

▪ Bookshops – The chain of Hugendubel bookshops sell high quality maps of Munich. See the Books in English page for info on how to find them.

Downloadable PDF Munich maps

Here are links to a couple of PDF Munich maps which you can download and print out. They're from, which also organises free bike tours.
They both cover roughly the same area, just pick the format you like best (I prefer the top one).

- Munich downtown map PDF
- Munich downtown map PDF 2

Munich maps on the Internet

I usually use the standard Google map for my online research, but there are other maps of Munich Germany available. Here are links to a few of them:

Munich on Bing maps Good maps of Munich where you have the ability to zoom in and see things from a "bird’s eye view" as I’ve put together on this page.

Hot Maps A neat, colourful Munich city map.

Amtlicher Stadtplan The official government city map which lets you search for parking spots for people with disabilities, and other such things (in German).

Open Street Map An OK, but rather messy open-source Munich map.

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