Munich Skylines

Six fine city views

6. Olympiaturm (Olympic tower) - Higher, higher, higher
The most lordly of the Munich skylines is glimpsed from the top of the Olympic tower in Munich's north-west. The city's highest lookout point (182m) offers views well into the Alps when the weather behaves itself. This is also the only lookout point where you can enjoy a sit-down dinner while you visit Munich – there’s a revolving restaurant up there. 
The tower is also - perhaps less romantically - known locals at the Fernsehturm(Television Tower) thanks to its broadcasting clout.

5. Monopteros -Turn on, tune in, drop out
More fine Munich skylines are to be had from this Greek temple. It crowns an artificial hill in the heart of the Englischer Garten. It’s a nice perch to watch the action in the park framed by woodland and the city’s spires in the distance. 
This used to be a popular hang-out for stoners back in the 60s, but you don't need to smoke anything to feel chilled out here.

PARK LIFE: Take in the Englischer Garten goings-on and one of the best Munich skylines from the Monopteros temple. Torsten Krüger / FVAmuc

4. Glockenspiel Café or Hugendubel bookstore - From shop windows

See here to get the backstory of the Munich Glockenspiel.

Watch Munich’s famous automated clock from an even footing from The Glockenspiel Café, smack dab on Marienplatz
The entrance is in a little passage off Rosen Strasse. 
But if you don’t feel like forking out for a cappuccino, ride the escalators up to the upper floors of the Hugendubel bookstore, on Marienplatz, towards the south-eastern corner. 

3. The Blue Spa of the Bayerischer Hof hotel - Pricey panoramas
One of Munich’s most exclusive hotels hogs an exquisite view over the city from its top-floor spa centre. You can get a full panorama of the city – the view of the historic Frauenkirche is particularly impressive.
It’s like a little paradise up there with a terrace, lounge, bar, saunas and a pool with a retractable roof. 
If you don’t have the $$$ to actually be a guest at this hotel, go in and say you’re doing some research for a tour group, the staff will most likely be happy to show you around! 

2. Bavaria Statue - Head above the rest

bavaria statue thumb
Read more about theBavaria Statue.

How about getting inside the head of a beautiful woman and enjoying a unique city view at the same time? The Bavaria Statue is an iron 30m tall bronze maiden on the Theresienwiese (Oktoberfest field).
You can climb up through her body – Statue of Liberty style – to glimpse the city skyline through small holes in her gorgeous mug. Ideal, of course, when the fest is in full swing. 

1. Alter Peter - Best perch in the house
The town’s top view is had from the tower of the Sankt-Peter-Kirche (Church of St. Peter).  The tower itself bears the nickname “Alter Peter” – Old Peter. This is where to head for postcard-perfect ensemble shots of the Neues Rathaus and the Frauenkirche cathedral. 
Just mind the 306 creaky steps on the way up! 

TAKE AN OLD VIEW: From the tower of the Sankt-Peter-Kirche, Munich's oldest church. 
Christl Reiter / FVAmuc

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