Hotels near Munich Airport

A few notes on finding quality hotels near Munich airport

If you’re on a short layover or need to make an early getaway you might consider getting a room close to Munich Airport. Most of the hotels around the airport fall into the mid-range, except the luxurious five-star Kempinski Hotel Munich Airport which is located at the airport itself.
There are other close-by clusters of hotels in Erding and Freising, both towns with a few diversions if you have time to kill.
Erding is renowned for its huge thermal spa complex (see website here) and Freising boasts the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan (website here).
Click here for a comprehensive list of hotels near Munich Airport. There are dozens of listed and you can compare based on price, star rating and proximity to the airport. Good luck finding the best hotel for your needs.

You might also like to take a look a the inlaid Google map below for options of where to stay near Munich Airport. Click on the "view larger map" tap and you’ll get an interactive where you can read reviews and find links to the hotel websites.
Enjoy your stay.

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