Munich Oktoberfest - a preview

A preview of the Munich Oktoberfest

You’ve made the decision. You’ve found your bed and booked your flight. You’ve packed your most Bavarian-like clobber and have been brushing up your "Guten Abend!" and "danke schön!".

You’re on your way to what could well be the best party of your life: The Munich Oktoberfest. So what can you expect? This photo page and the five following it are a preview, a teaser, if you will, of what awaits at this most awesome German beer festival.
They were taken by Oktoberfest visitors who’ve chosen to share their work through websites such as . If you’re after more practical info and stories about the fest please check out the main Oktoberfest Munich page here. See here for an index of all of Oktoberfest-related stories on this site (there’s over two dozen, I’ve been doing this for a while now :-).
So, on with the photos:

munich-oktoberfest-2013-friendsHere’s a nice group of friends enjoying the atmosphere in the massive Hofbräufestzelt.
Pic: uLe @ Munich @ Munich Oktoberfest preview

munich-oktoberfest-2013-girlA waitress carrying empty beer mugs. Be nice to these hard-working ladies, they’re on the job 16 hours a day for 17 days straight! SteFou! @ Munich Oktoberfest preview

munich-oktoberfest-2014-hangover-hillHangover Hill. The gentle slopes in front of the Bavaria Statue often fill up with
people passed out from too much of the amber gold.

munich-oktoberfest-2014-girl-and-brazilian-guyThe original caption from Flickr reads: " Some brazilians we met. They were going around with text on their arms. They obviously didn't know what it meant, and got slapped across the face a few times "! SteFou! @ Munich Oktoberfest preview

munich-oktoberfest-2014-ridesA couple enjoy a spin over the Oktoberfest grounds.

munich-oktoberfest-2014-prostCheers to you, buddy! neilh205

munich-oktoberfest-2014-pretzels-of-oktoberfestTime for a yummy Bavarian pretzel. Pic: zhaffsky

munich-oktoberfest-2014-hippodrom-tent-oktoberfestInside the Hippodrom tent. One of the most beautiful beer tents
on the "Wiesn", it’s also known for its high flirt factor.

munich-oktoberfest-2014-beer-drinkersA scrum of beer mugs above an Oktoberfest table. Ah, the beauty of it! Pic: Wiki

munich-oktoberfest-2014-beautiful-girl-fountainA woman in a Dirndl dress cools herself in one of Munich's fountains - Oktoberfest can be hot! Pic:Val-Mont @ Munich Oktoberfest preview

oktoberfest-alchohol-testHow much have you had? In amongst the crowd here some girls are offering free blood/alcohol tests. Pic: Wiki

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