Munich Oktoberfest preview - page 6

MUNICH OKTOBERFEST PREVIEW - PAGE 6: Final page! Here is the last set of photos of Oktoberfest Munich photos.

munich-oktoberfest-2013-lederhosen-marching-bandA mass of Männer marching to the beat of Bavarian drums. Pic: zhaffsky

munich-oktoberfest-2013-oktoberfest-munich-parade-float Time to party! This float is part of the Oktoberfest opening day parade.

munich-oktoberfest-2013-marching-girlsIn they come! A line of marching girls bearing Bavarian flags on their way
in to the Oktoberfest grounds. Pic: zhaffsky @ Munich Oktoberfest 2013 preview

munich-oktoberfest-2013-groundsThe view from afar. The Oktoberfest kind of looks like a profile of a face, doesn’t it?
Pic: Wiki @ Munich Oktoberfest preview

munich-oktoberfest-2013-weisswurst-breakfastSausage action. These are Weisswurst (white sausages) – a Munich speciality. They’re best easten before the chimes of noon. Pic: oliworx @ Munich Oktoberfest 2013 preview

munich-oktoberfest-2013-partyOh, how fun it is at the Oktoberfest! Pic: Mahmut @ Munich Oktoberfest 2013 preview

munich-oktoberfest-2013-parade-cannonI assume this photo was taken with a Canon?
Pic: Peter Becker

munich-oktoberfest-2013-man-flowerGirls walk around selling roses for guys to buy and romance the ladies. You’re not supposed to eat them. Pic: grahammclellan @ Munich Oktoberfest 2013 preview

oktoberfest-munich-bye-byeBye, bye!! After your first visit to Oktoberfest you’ll yearn to come back one day.
Pic: evocateur

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