Munich Airport transfers

MUNICH AIRPORT TRANSFERS: So you’ve arrived from a bone-rattling flight, collected your bags and made it through passport control.

You’re ready to embrace the Bavarian capital, but you’re not quite there yet. Here’s a guide to getting in and out of the city from Munich Airport.

By public transport

munich-airport-transfersCONNECT: The S-Bahn is means for many
transfers to and from Munich Airport . Pic CC Wikimedia

Most people use Munich’s suburban trains (S-Bahn) to get in and out of the city.

Two trains connect the airport with the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) the S8 and the S1.
The S-Bahn is under the Munich Airport Centre between the terminals, just follow the signs with the green "S".
Note that if you’re taking the S1 to the airport make sure you sit towards the back of the train as forward section couples off and heads towards Neufahn.


The best ticket to buy is the Airport City Day Ticket, which costs €10.80 for one person and €19.60 for a "Partner Ticket" which covers up to five people.
It’s valid until 6am the next day and covers all of Munich’s S-Bahns, U-Bahns (subways), trams and public buses.
If the only trip you’re making that day is to or from the airport you could also get Single Ticket (Einzelfahrkarte) for Zone 4, which costs €9.60. Tickets are available from the multi-lingual machines (Ticketautomaten), which accept credit cards and cash (in euros).
Remember you have to validate your ticket at the little stamping machine before you get on the train.
For more information about buying tickets see here.
More details on the city-airport connection are on the Munich public transport website.

Munich Airport transfers by bus

airport-munich ARRIVAL POINT: Munich's Franz-Joseph-Strauss
airport is the first part of Bavaria many visitors see.
Pic:© Dr Werner Hennies FMG

Lufthansa runs buses from the airport to the Munich Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station), which you can use even if you’re not flying with them.

There’s not much advantage over public transportation, though, as it takes just as long (40min, depending on traffic) and costs slightly more (€10 one way and €16 return).

It might be useful if you’re heading somewhere in Munich’s north, as the bus also stops at the Nordfriedhof U-Bahn station in the suburb of Schwabing.
The bus departs every 20min from 6.25am to 9.45pm.
You buy your ticket on the bus.

Munich Airport transfers by taxi

Need a Munich subway map?

munich-tansport-map-thumbSee here for PDF Munich subway and public transportation maps.
Taxis line up directly outside the Munich Airport terminals and all run on meters, a trip into central Munich costs about €55.

Connecting to other parts of Bavaria

If you’re heading to cities including Passau, Nuremburg and Regensburg you can take a bus (No. 635) from Munich Airport to the train station at the nearby town of Freising and go from there.

Lufthansa also runs shuttle services to Ingolstadt, Regensburg and several Austrian cities, although they’re also more expensive than regular public transport, see here for more details.


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