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KONIGSHAUS PICTURE GALERY: I made the hike up to the Königshaus on Schachen peak via the Partnachklamm gorge.
A mate of mine and I set a pretty fast pace and managed to make it up the mountain in under three hours.

It was a spectacular hike and well worth a day trip from Munich or the nearby town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, see the Konigshaus on Schachen page for details on the house and how to get there.

UP THE STEPS: Once making it through the Partnachklamm we ascended up a bush staircase.
It’s well made but seems to go on forever.
This pathway is called the Kälbersteig (the Calves’ Climb)

UP THE ROOTS: The man-made steps give way to natural ones – tree roots criss-cross the path supporting you step.

ROYAL ROAD: The pathway eventaually meets up with a broad pathway, the Königsweg (King’s Pathway). This is the road you take all the way if you’re coming via the Schloss Elmau hotel, the other route up the mountain.

ROCKY ROAD: The forest gradually gives way to rocky landscape and spectacular views of the Alps.

COTTAGE AHOY:You can spot Ludwig’s Königshaus from quite a distance away, here is off in the distance above the pathway.

TAKING SHOTS: My walking buddy, Robbie, taking a few photos of the mountains.

ONWARDS: Further towards the King’s House with the Alps looming overhead.

THIS TREE ROCKS: On the way up we saw this Alpine tree which seems to have grown over a rock.

BUCOLIC: A small farmer’s shed on top of the range.

FOREST FOOD: Berries grow among the trees near the top – I wasn’t game enough to try them.

LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRECIPICE: At last! The place where Bavaria’s favourite king like to spend his birthdays, the Königshaus am Schachen. It’s at an altitude of 1866m (6122ft).

BETWEEN A ROCK AND HARD PLACE: This is the Meilerhütte, an Alpine guest house that you can see from the King’s House. It’s further up in the Wetterstein mountain range which includes the Schachen peak.
It’s about an-hour-and-a-half’s hike from the Königshaus and you can stay there during summer.

STONE SIGNATURES: I liked this Alpine “graffiti” – messages made of rocks on
the side of the range.

STAY OVER: This is the Schachenhaus restaurant and guest house just below the Königshaus. You can also stay there, for details scroll down to the bottom of the Konigshaus am Schachen page.

MOUNTAIN GLORY: A view of the Alps from the Königshaus. The mountain to the left with its summit obscured by clouds is the Hochblassen, and to the right stands the Alpspitze.

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