Herrenchiemsee pictures

HERRENCHIEMSEE PICTURES: I’ve visited Herrenchiemsee twice, once in the height of summer and once on a very snowy day in early January.

In summer the skies are blue, trains are full, the fountains shoot water high into the air and the palace seems to glimmer in the sun.

In winter it’s much quieter, the fountains are covered and the gardens are covered with a thick layer of snow. Here are some more Herrenchiemsee Pictures from both visits, enjoy!

herrenchiemsee-castleMONUMENTAL: Enormous fountains front Ludwig II’s Herrenchiemsee Palace. King Ludwig planned to build extra wings to either side of the main palace building. This would have made the complex bugger and even more impressive than its inspiration, the Palace of Versailles, near Paris. Unfortunately for Ludwig, the money eventually dried up and the palace was left unfinished.

chiemseebahnI CHOO CHOO CHOOSE YOU: The little green steam train you can get from Prien station to the pier at the Chiemsee, from where you get a ferry to the islands on the lake. It’s one of
the world’s last operating stream trains!

me-trainHI!: That’s me, thoroughly enjoying the train ride.

chiemsee-trainYET MORE QUAINTNESS: Once you get to the Herrenisnsel (Gentlemen’s Island)
you can either walk to the palace or get a horse and cart.

mad-king-ludwig-palaceVENUS: Statues of gods and mythical heroes adorn the mighty fountains
in the Herrenchiemsee gardens.

herrenchiemsee-palace-versaillesWINTER PALACE: A view of a snow-covered Herrenchiemsee in January.
Snow gives the island a really special atmosphere.

germany-division-plansCARVE IT UP: Also worth a visit on the Herreninsel is the Augustiner-Chorherrenstift (Old Palace). This was where the German constitution was drawn up after World War 2 and there’s a museum all about it. This panel in the museum depicts a couple of concepts of how
Germany could have been carved up.

prien-winterZUM SEE: If you visit in winter, there’s no steam train to get you from Prien station
to the lakeside pier, so you may have to leg it.

inselbrauBEER HERE: The Inselbräu (Island Brew) guesthouse on the Fraueninsel.

bec-chiemseeAuthor of the Herrenchiemsee write-up Rebecca.

frosty-statueFROSTY STATUE: A statue covered in ice, somewhere on the Fraueninsel.

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