More Dirndl pics

For those of you who just can't get is another page of photos of beautiful girls in their traditional Dirndl dresses.

Just as on the previous page Dirndl Girls, these photos were taken at at traditional folk/beer festival by the Flickr photographer "avarty". You can check out his full Flickr photostream here.

You know, it's not just the Munich Oktoberfest that's reserved for these beautiful dresses. Women commonly wear them to weddings throughout southern Bavaria and Austria, and practically every city, town, and village in the region has at least one local festival where women can wear their Dirndl dresses.

Ok, enough of that, on with the photos!

dirnds-girlsTwo young ladies in Dirndls drinking something at looks like water.

four-girls-in-dirndlsParty time at the festival.

funny-lookTwo young women in Dirdnls pose for the camera.

german-dirndl-girlsAnother couple of young ladies show off their traditional dresses.

girls-hugging-in-dirndlsA group of friends at a traditional folk/beer festival.

girls-in-dirndls-and-lederhosenThree more girls: Two in Dirndls, one in what looks like lederhosen!

girls-in-pink-dirndl-dressesGirls pretty in pink Dirndls.

girls-kissing-german-dirndlShowing the love...two girls kissing in Dirndl dresses.

girls-together-at-a-german-festivalTwo girls with a modern take on traditional clothes.

groupl-of-girls-in-dirndlsIt's like a rainbow!

red-dirndl-purple-dirndlTwo more girls in low-cut Dirndls sitting at the beer bench.

two-dirndl-girlsAnother couple in their Dirndls.

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