Dirndl girls

DIRNDL GIRLS: Here are some more photos of girls in beautiful Dirndls for your edification.

These pics were all taken by one photographer who chose to share them using a Creative Commons licence on Flickr. He goes by the handle of "avarty" and you can check out his full Flickr photostream here.

I hope this set of photos give you an idea of how varied the deisgns and colours used in Dirndls are, and just how great women look in them!
The photos were taken not at the Munich Oktoberfest, but at another festival in the Bavaria/Austria region where Dirndls are festival de rigueur.

2-girls-in-dirndlsTwo girls in Dirndls in a beer tent.

a-couple-of-girls-in-dirndlsTwo more girls in Dirndl dresses, the girl on the right has one of the ever-popular heart-shaped carry bags. Dirndls don't have pockets, after all!

attractive-dirndl-dressesThese two blonde girls are wearing Dirndls with "off-the-shoulder" blouses.

beautiful-dirndl-girlsA couple of georgeous girls at a folk festival, only one's in a Dirndl!

black-dirndlThis young woman has a modern, black Dirndl with a satin green Mieder.

blone-and-brunette-in-red-dressesTwo young ladies in similar Dirndl dresses.

couple-blone-in-dirndlLime green isn't perhaps the most traditional Dirndl color, but it sure looks good!

cute-dirndl-girlsTwo young women in Dirndls pose for the camera.

dirdnl-girls-poseAnother group of three girls in contrasting Dirndl dresses.

dirndl-girls-at-a-festivalTwo girls in Dirndls sitting down at a festival table.

dirndl-girls-huggingGirls in Dirndls hugging, and.....

dirndl-sassy.....girls in Dirndls posing.

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