Oktoberfest pictures 5

OKTOBERFEST PICTURES 5: More photos of the Munich Oktoberfest, enjoy the action!

oktoberfest-girlDRINK IT UP: A girl in a Dirndl dress takes a swig at the German Oktoberfest. a4gpa

oktoberfest-munich-ride-riesenrad-ferris-wheelIT'S WHEELY GOOD: The ferris wheel is one of the most popular rides at the Bavaria Oktoberfest Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-four-cute-girlsALL SMILES: Four cute girls in Dirndls (traditional Bavarian dress) at the annual Munich Oktoberfest. .myke

oktoberfest-guy-looking-funnyTHUMBS UP: A guy having fun at the Munich festival. gabemac

oktoberfest-inside-tent-party-fun-germanyGOOD VIBRATIONS: The action inside the tents at Oktoberfest is magic. Konrad Andrews

spin that wheelSPIN THAT WHEEL: The ferris wheel in front of the Paulaner tower at night. Nico Kaiser

2oktoberfest-dancing-on-the-tablesOH WHAT A FEELING: Dancing on the Oktoberfest benches. Dancing on the tables is strictly forbidden, so this girl might be in for dressing down from one of the barmaids. .myke

oktoberfest-entranceA GRAND ENTRANCE: The main gateway to the Oktoberfest field, the Theresienwiese.

oktoberfest-pretzelSNACK ATTACK: A waitress carrying a great Oktoberfest snack - grilled chick (Hendl) and a giant pretzel (Breze). .myke

oktoberfest-group-shot-having-funGROUP SHOT: Three Oktoberfest revellers in traditional gear enjoy the fun. gabemac

oktoberfest-girl-wth-beerLAND OF BEER: A woman shows off five Maß of beer outside one of the beer tents at the Oktoberfest. .myke

oktoberfest-girls-in-dirndlsSEXY DRESSES: Women in Dirndls, a must for female fashionistas on the Wiesn. GAP089

oktoberfest-aussie-guysTHE AUSSIES: Two Australians enjoying their trip to Munich in the Hofbrauhaus beer tent.

oktoberfest-bandAND THE BAND PLAYED ON: The horn section lets it rip inside an Oktoberfest tent. .myke

oktoberfest-girl-drunkDIZZY: This girl looks like she's enjoying the festivities! HGruber

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