Oktoberfest pictures 6

OKTOBERFEST PICTURES 6: The final page of Destination Munich's six pages of Oktoberfest photos!

oktoberfest-cute-girl-drinking-beerGOT A HANDLE ON THAT?: An Oktoberfest visitor takes a surp from a Maß using the "reverse handle" method. jb.atwood

oktoberfest-cutie-girlsGOOD TIMES: A couple of girls having fun at Munich's Oktoberfest, the world's biggest party! gabemac

oktoberfest-fisher-vroni-tentFISHY BUSINESS: Outisde the Fischer Vroni beer tent at the Oktoberfest in Germany. HGruber

oktoberfest-food-sausagesSAUSAGE ACTION: Frying up long Bratwurst at an outside stand at the Oktoberfest Munich. xoque

oktoberfest-sexy-coupleKISS: A hot couple take a break from the beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich. .myke

oktoberfest-funny-look-girlsPOSE: Party people in Oktoberfest glad-rags ham it up for the camera. eürodäna

oktoberfest-hot-girlsIN THE TENT: A trio of girls in Oktoberfest dresses inside one of the big Oktoberfest beer tents (Bierzelten). andrijbulba

oktoberfest-waiter-at-leastHEADY STUFF: A waiter wearing a silly Oktoberfest hat. andrijbulba

oktoberfest-intense-conversationINTENSE CONVERSATION: These guys look like they're getting into a Deep and Meaningful over a few mugs of Oktoberfest beer. HGruber

oktoberfest-peopleLOOKING GOOD: A threesome in Tracht (traditional clothes) at the Munich Oktoberfest. eürodäna

oktoberfest-hofbrauhaus-tent-actionWELCOME TO THE HOUSE OF FUN: Crowds outside the Hofbrau Festzelt, the biggest beer tent at the Munich Oktoberfest. GAP089

oktoberfest-one-too-many HEAD IN HANDS: This guy looks like he's had too much - or maybe not enough! At the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. .myke

oktoberfest-parade-girls-on-cartPARADE DAY: Augustiner Festhalle waitresses wave from a carraige on the opening day parade, the "Grand entry of the Oktoberfest Landlords and Breweries" (Einzug der Festwirte GAP089

oktoberfest-roller-coasterA HELL OFA RIDE: Munich's annual Oktoberfest wil give you some great stories, and memories.P. Schnizler / Presseamt München

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