Oktoberfest pictures 3

OKTOBERFEST PICTURES 3: Yet more photos from the Munich Oktoberfest!

oktoberfest-cute-girl-beerLIQUID GOLD: A girl with two Maß of fresh Paulaner beer. HGruber

oktoberfest-ride-by-nightSPINING AROUND: The ferris wheel at the Oktoberfest - don't worry it doesn't really go that fast, it's just great photography! Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-couple-champagne-tentWHERE TO NOW? A couple in traditional Oktoberfest clothing take a pause outside the tents. Herr_Bert

oktoberfest-vikings-girls-guys-horny-hatsVIKINGS: A group of Norse visitors enjoys the outdoor beer tables at the Oktoberfest Munich. GAP089

oktoberfest-parade-schaffler-menDANCING MEN: Guys dressed up as the Schäfflertanzers, Munich's historic coopers, on their way to the Wiesn in the Oktoberfest opening parade. GAP089

oktoberfest-two-guys-in-lederhosenLEDERHOSEN LADS: Two guys in the quintessential Oktoberfest costume for guys, Lederhosen. Herr_Bert

oktoberfest-lets-cheersPROST!: A couple at Oktoberfest in Munich clink glasses. .myke

oktoberfest-lederhosen-ladDRESSED TO FIT IN: A guy in Bavarian Lederhosen. .myke

oktoberfest-horses-paradeCANTERING: Ceremonially dressed horses are used to pull the drays carrying the first drops of amber fliud to the festival. GAP089

oktoberfest-traditional-german-dressDIRNDLED UP: Two cute girls in Dirndls and one guy at the Munich festival. .myke

oktoberfest-setting-up-aufbauCAN WE BUILD IT?: The Oktoberfest tents and food stalls being set up on the Theresienwiese before the festival. Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-ride-flying-saucer-outside-peopleSPIN, TWIST, TWIRL: the Frisbee ride at Germany's Oktoberfest in Munich. Herr_Bert

oktoberfest-cheersCHEERS!: Two guys whack their mugs together at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. rusticus80

oktoberfest-waitress-emptyON THE JOB: A waitress collects empty Maß glasses inside one of the Oktoberfest beer tents. .myke

oktoberfest-guys-going-offGOING OFF: A bunch of local lads get into the party vibe at Germany's annual Oktoberfest. andrijbulba

oktobefest-boy-lederhosenMY FIRST LEDERHOSEN: You're never too young for the Oktoberfest!. Konrad Andrews

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