Oktoberfest pictures 4

OKTOBERFEST PICTURES 4: A continuation of the photos taken at the Munich Oktoberfest!

oktoberfest-himmel-der-bayern-inside-munich-tentHEAVENLY: Inside the mighty Haker Festzelt, also known as the "Himmel der Bayern" - Heaven of Bavaria. Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-lowenbrau-tent-outsideA LIONS' DEN: The Lowenbrau tent at the Oktoberfest Munich. Jan Beckendorf

oktoberfest-happy-peoplePARTY TIME: A young couple having fun on the Wiesn. .myke

oktoberfest-hot-girl-at-the-oktoberfestSAY CHEESE: A guy and a girl in a Dirndl dress at the annual Oktoberfest party. gabemac

oktoberfest-two-girlsLOOKING FINE: Two girls with nice smiles at the Bavaria Oktoberfest. .myke

oktoberfest-ride-color-great-shotWHAT A RIDE: One of the amusements, after dark at the Munich Oktoberfest. Nico Kaiser

oktoberfest-girl-looking-intenseCHECK IT OUT: A girl displays her Dirndl dress at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. .myke

oktoberfest-octoberfest-guys-dressed-as-girlBOYS WILL BE GIRLS: A guy gets into the swing wearing a dress at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. HGruber

oktoberfest-lady-selling-flowersLA VIA EN ROSE: A woman selling roses at the Oktoberfest. .myke

oktoberfest-food-fischsemmelI SEA FOOD, I EAT IT: Buns (Semmel) filled with the fruits of the sea at an Oktoberfest stand. pokpok313

oktoberfest-beercartON THE WAY: The Spatenbrau beer dray winds its way towards the Oktoberfest. Robert Hertz / Presseamt München

oktoberfest-ferris-wheelRIDE BY NIGHT: As the sun goes down, the Oktobefest rides go up. And up, and up. Ngay / Presseamt München

oktoberfest-italian-guyIT'S HAIRY: A hirsute Italian man dispays his chest at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.

oktoberfest-tentTAKE AIM: Outside the Armbrustschützenzelt - literally "crossbow shooting tent" at the Oktoberfest. Rest assured it's perfectly safe inside

oktoberfest-slide-rideSLIPPERY SLIDE: The "Münchener Rutsch" - Munich Slide ride at the Oktoberfest. Jan Beckendorf

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