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Here's the full-length version of the Destination Munich slideshow, put together by me, the author, Stuart!

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  • Munich is a magnificent city...
  • ..famous for its art...
  • ...and beer! That's my mum!
  • The food ain't bad either.
  • It has the world's biggest party!
  • The Oktoberfest is hard work!
  • Such..big..glasses..
  • You can meet the locals...
  • ...or swan about.
  • You can chill out in a park...
  • ... or sit about for a yak.
  • They even surf in a stream here...
  • ...I'm not lion!
  • It's the best of Germany...
  • ...with a slice of Italy...
  • .. a dash of royalty...
  • ..and proud Bavarian roots.
  • There are grand city views...
  • ...and pretty country ones too.
  • You can visit fairy-tale castles...
  • ...or watch soccer in a spaceship.
  • Whatever you end up doing...
  • You're bound to have a great knight.

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