beergarden-flaucher RELAXED: This Biergarten is set in woodlands, next to a river. How idyllic

Where it’s at

This is great addition to your Isar River bike-and-beer gardens itinerary. The beer garden is in a secluded woody semi-island about 4.5kms south of the city centre.
Another idea is to end up here after touring the nearby Munich Zoo.
A wee bit further south is a lovely criss-crossey section of bridges and rocky river beaches, hugely popular with nudies in the warmer months.

The garden

Fills all the classic criteria with wooden benches, a stone floor and plenty of chestnut trees. There’s a small playground for the kids. Seats 2000, with another 70 spots in the restaurant.

flaucher-beer-garden-isar-munich RIVERSIDE: The Flaucher beer garden is near the Isar River in Munich's south.

Beer and food

Löwenbräu and Franziskaner Weißbier are on tap. The food here is excellent, some people claim it offers Munich’s best Riesenbreze (giant pretzel).
My culinary tip is the Steckerlfisch. For the uninitiated that means fish on a stick.
It’s not battered, it’s an entire grilled fish so you can still see its little face.
You can pick the edible bits off with your hands or a wooden fork. Here they usually serve mackerel. A tad oily but delicious.


A bloke called Johann Flaucher founded the first restaurant here in an old forestry office in 1871. The whole area used to be part of the private hunting domain of the ruling Wittelsbach clan.

The Details

Location: Isarauen 8, Thalkirchen
Phone: 089 7 23 26 77
Website: www.zum-flaucher.de
Open: 10am to 11pm
Directions: By public transport, take the U3 to Brudermühl Strasse, from where it’s a 10min walk. Go east down Brudermühl Strasse, turn right down Hans-Preißinger Strasse (just before the bridge), take the track along the river and cross over the Schinderbrücke bridge. From there it’s a few minutes along Isarauen.

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