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hirschgartenREFRESHMENT: That's me at the Hirsch garten
in Munich.

This is the biggest beer garden in Munich, and most people think it's one of the best.
Up to 8000 folks can be seated in the great outdoors of Munich’s west.

The garden sits in a sprawling 40ha park between Nymphenburg Palace and the main S-Bahn line.
It's still a bit of a Munich secret as most tourists can’t be bothered venturing out to find it.

I assure you it’s well worth the effort. Delicious food and beer, an inviting atmosphere and more tradition that you can shake a stick at make this one of Munich’s best.

Beer and food

Brews on tap include HB Tegernsee, Kaltenberger Bräu and Munich’s favourite Augustiner.
It’s the only Munich beer garden still to serve the amber fluid straight from wooden kegs.

There are five beer stations and after you finish one off you’re obliged to give it rinse in a cold-water basin before racking it up going back for another (very traditional).
Waiters serve only the tableclothed area near the restaurant. There are plenty of self-service huts for everybody else serving everything from grilled fish to ice cream.
I recommend the Obatzda with Breze for snack time.
CONVIVIAL: Relaxing among the masses at the Hirschgarten.

The garden

GRAZING: Fallow deer in the petting zoo. Pic: CC Wzwz @ WikiCom
It’s easy to feel like you’re really in the countryside here as the beer garden is sheltered from major roads by hedges and parkland.

Most of the tables and chairs sit under grand, leafy chestnuts but there are also some sections where you can sun it up if you wish.
The restaurant seats 320 and stays open throughout the year.

The name Hirschgarten means deer garden and about 30 of Bambi’s long-lost relatives are on-hand in an adjacent petting zoo.
It’s a hit among kids and Vietnam War veterans alike.
There are also five outdoor big screens around which 4000 people can watch the soccer (they make room for up to 8000 when the World Cup is on).


The parkland surrounds go back to 1720 when it was set up as a breeding ground for pheasants. Prince Elector Karl Theodor let the nobility hunt deer there from 1780 (hence the name) and soon after opened it up to the general public.
The first drinking hole was opened in 1791.

The Details

KEEP IT CLEAN: This is the only beer garden where you wash your own beer mugs.

LUSCIOUS: (Above) a breze (prezel) framing a plate of Obatzda cream cheese. (Below) two Maß of beer at the Hirscharten.

OLD SCHOOL: A tree sign at the beer garden reads:
Dear guests, it is a tradition in Bavaria, that all drinks
in the beer garden are always and only bought from
the publicans
By the same token it is tradition, that in a real Munich
beer garden you can bring your own food, or buy it from the publicans.
Please stick to this Bavarian custom!
Your Hirschgarten hosts

The Details

Location: Hirschgartenallee 1
Phone: 089 17 25 91

www.hirschgarten.com (in English)

Open: 9am to midnight
Directions: Although a new S-Bahn station called “Hirschgarten” opened in early 2010 it’s still easier to get to the beer garden from the next station, Laim.

If you’re coming from the city, exit on the left, go through the tunnel and take the next right at Winfried Strasse.

Then you’re in the park. Take the first right and curve around to the left and you’re at the beer garden.
It’s about a 15min walk from the station.

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