Kaltenberg 2011

KALTENBERG 2011:The bad guy wins. Sorry if that spoils it for you.

I just thought you should know that if you make it to the Kaltenberg Knights’ Festival this year you’re in for a few surprises.

The biggest one, undoubtedly, is the outcome of the arena show - “Die Reise ins Morgenland” (The Journey to the Orient).
If you were around last year you would have seen the first show in a trilogy, loosely (and oh, so loosely) following the story of King Arthur and the knights of Camelot.

When we left off Arthur had subdued the Schwarzer Ritter (Black Knight) and his disagreeable mummy, Morgana. But the Black Knight is back with a vengeance this year and very much the star of the show.

At the bidding of good ole Mumsy, he mounts up and head’s for the mysterious East where he encounters the court of the Great Kahn. He's lord of the Mongol hordes and perhaps Blacky’s ticket to victory over Arthur.

Ritter (Black Knight) is very much the
star of this year's Kaltenberg arena show.

After jousting a few Mongol knights off their steeds and beating up a couple of the Khan’s favorite “Ninjettes” he’s in! The Black Knight has the soldiers of the Steppes at his command to use against Camelot.

More jousting, sword fights and over-the-top dialogue ensues. The Black Knight defeats Arthur and wins the kingdom.
So really no good over evil in this one?
Well, there’s always next year.

Final verdict: awesomness! I’ve been to Kaltenberg every year since 2008 and this year’s show is hand down the best yet. The Oriental theme was a welcome change and the performers and stuntmen were at the top of their game.

I simply can not wait for next year. Below is a series of photos I took at the festival. If you’d like to see more, you can see some albums at the Destination Munich Facebook page here...
Kaltenberg Knights' Festival 2011 - The parade and grounds

... and here
Kaltenberg Knights' Festival - arena show

So-called “early adopters” out there can also check out the pics on my Google+ page here. Don’t forget to add me to one of your circles, hopefully not the “arseholes” circle.

kaltenberg-2011-stuartONE HUMP OR TWO? That's me at Kaltenberg, admiring the camels. Or are they dromedarys?

vikings-shields BERSERKER BOYS: A line of Vikings show their shields in the parade at Kaltenberg 2011.

mongol hordesTHE HORDE: The Mongols threaten Camelot in "Die Reise ins Morenland" (The Journey to the East).

More Kaltenberg 2011 photos

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