Kaltenberg 2011 photos

Here are some more photos from the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier (Kaltenberg Knights' Festival) from 2011. The festival this year was great, seriously the best I've seen. You can find my report on Kaltenberg 2011 here.
My main report on the festival is here: Kaltenberg Knights Tournament.

black-knight-fightBAD BOY: The Black Knight is always a crowd favourite.

girl-camelRIDING HIGH: A camel girl takes part in the Kaltenberg 2011 parade.

tree-ladyTREE ME: A tree-lady creature at the middle-ages festival.

jousting-contestJOUST: The roar inside the arena is fantastic when the knights clash.

kaltenberg-paradeLEAD ON: A jester leads the Kaltenberg parade.

khan-kaltenbergTHE WRATH OF KHAN: the Mongol leader bequeathes his army to the Black Knight.

lancelot-knightKNIGHT: Lancelot prepares to take on the Black Knight.

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