Unbelievable Oktoberfest--
Nothing like it in the United States

by Dianne Jones 
(Nashville TN)

Three years ago I attended my first Oktoberfest, and I plan to go back in 2011.
If you stay 5 days, you can go on tours to Salzburg, the glacier lakes, the castles, the museums, particularly the Deutches museum, and even tour the breweries. 
I plan on taking the same side tours again. But the best and wildest time will be at the Oktoberfest. You can catch a train right to the middle of the fest grounds. I went with a group tour before, but this time I am going with two friends--who will experirnce shock and awe. 

The beer tents are not describable. They are huge and everyone there is in a festive mood. You will not meet a stranger--everyone is super friendly. The beer is a little strong. The German food is different so I suggest chicken. When the oompah music starts you will be swinging and swaying with everyone else at the table--you have to sing as many of the songs are in English.

I suggest wearing traditional Bavarian dress--you will fit right in. Dirndls can be expensive, but you can get one on line for $80 to $100. The midway is larger and more thrilling than typical state fairs. This is where my funniest and most embarrassing experience was. I was tricked into going thru this attraction which was sort of like a walk thru obstacle course. There is an area of the floor where a strong hurricane of wind comes up from the floor for the sole purpose of blowing ladies Dirndls up. As I walked across this area, my Dirndl suddenly blew up in my face. 

There were embarrassing yells and whistles as I had trouble getting it down. My legs and panties were on display for 20 seconds. What was worse was that 5 men in our tour group saw everything--and they reminded me about my intimate exposure for the next three days. 

I plan on making one of the girls going with me this year have this experience--

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