Stay outside Munich for Oktoberfest?


On 28 October, 2012 Myron asked:

Hi Stuart,
Ich komme aus den USA.
Next year I ( together with my wife, her sister and my nephew 32 )are planning to attend Oktoberfest on a Wednesday.Beforehand, I will be traveling from the North,either from Nuernberg or Rothenberg. One possibility is to stay in Landsberg am Lech. Augsburg is another possibilty.
The plan would be to take the train in the morning to Muenchen and then after attending Oktoberfest for about 3 hours take the train back in late afternoon or early evening. An objective is to avoid incoming crowds to Oktoberfest as well as not to pay exorbitant hotel costs.
Does this sound like a good plan?
Please suggests any other places which are as good or better in the above regard. Also, do you have any recommendations as for which Oktoberfest tents to visit or get unreserved seats if available.


Hi Myron,
Thanks for your question! Firstly, I hope you’re doing well in the US and weren’t hit by hurricane Sandy.
Now, to your Oktoberfest ideas: I think it sounds like a great plan. Augsburg and Landsberg and both beautiful towns in their own right and within 45min from Munich on the train. And you're right, hotels in towns outside Munich aren't as prone to jacking up their prices as much as their counterparts in the capital.

Looking for an alternative to staying in Munich for Oktoberfest? How about Landsberg am
Lech, a beautiful small city and under 45min away from the festival.

According to the (Oktoberfest Barometer, and my experience, of course!), Wednesday afternoons aren't all that busy so you should be able to get into most, if not all, of the Oktoberfest tents, especially if there's just four of you. That said, the tents farthest from the northern entrance to the grounds (Käfers Wies’n-Shänke, the Bräusol and the Löwenbräu-Festhalle) tend to fill up the slowest.
Have a fantastic trip and don’t hesitate to write back with any more questions!

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