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On 05 January, 2013 Jon asked:

I very much enjoyed your Starkbierfest entry on Destination-Munich. I will be there Feb. 28 to March 4 for this year's fest. 

Question: at Paulaner am Nockherberg, it starts Friday March 1. Is March 1 therefore their Derblecken night, or is that Feb. 28? Since I'm not (yet) terribly fluent in German I'd rather avoid that night. They are already not taking reservations for Saturday March 2, so I need to choose 
between Friday and Sunday. 



Hi Jon,

The Derblecken is held before the public opening of the Starkbierfest. This night of political satire will take place on 28 February in 2013.

So your're free to choose between the Friday and the Sunday.

Have a great time at the Strong Beer Festival, there's a great atmosphere there and it really is fantastic tasting beer.

All the best,


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