Snow in December?


On 26 October, 2012 Karen asked:

Your information is always so very helpful. So for the clothes and boots we are set. Does is rain a lot in December?
Have a few questions if you have time to answer :-
1. Are there are guided tours to Neuschwanstein Castle where you can get into the castle? In their website it says that you have to be part of a tour to be allowed in.
2. Is there a tour to visit BMW museum and Allianz Arena cause that is my husband's wish?
3. We would like to see the snow - do you think we can find any villages that have a christmas market where there is snow during December (some of them in pictures do)?

SO once again I would like to thank you for your time and suggestions. Take care,


Hi Karen,

It’s more likely to snow than rain in December, and if it does rain it’ll probably be just a light, cold drizzle. Some years Munich is blanketed in a beautiful coat of snow, other years it will just snow a little and the snow won’t stay on the ground.

According to, on an average December day there is a: 40 per cent chance of moderate snow, 13 per cent chance of light snow, 29 per cent chance of moderate rain and a 10 per cent chance of light rain.
Altogether, there’s about a 72 per cent chance of some kind of precipitation in Munich in December, hence the need for good waterproof boots!

Selling Christmas trees on a snow-covered Odeonsplatz, Munich in December.

As to your other questions:
1. Yes, you can’t just wander around Neuschwanstein Castle by yourself, you have to buy a ticket at the ticket office near the castle. Then you go up to the castle itself and you might have to wait for a bit before you can go in with a group and a guide will show you through the rooms.
For more details practical details on Neuschwanstein, see my page here: Neuschwanstein Castle Info. You can even book a tour of Neuschwanstein Castle and Linderhof Palace (King Ludwig II’s other creation) by bus from Munich. See here for more details

2. You can of course do a tour of the BMW Museum and the Allianz Arena. For more details on the BMW Museum, see my page here: BMW Welt and the official website here
For Allianz Arena, see the Destination Munich page here: Allianz Arena and the official website here:

3. If there isn’t much snow around Munich but you’d like to see a white-coated Christmas Market my advice is: head south! There’s a greater chance of seeing snow the closer you get to the Alps.
Some lovely sub-Alpine towns with Christmas markets include: Füssen (just near Neuschwanstein Castle, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Rosenheim. So once again good luck! I hope this information will prove helpful.

Greetings from Munich!


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