Munich Strong Beer Festival Q&A

Ten things you need to know before heading to Munich's Starkbierfest -Strong Beer Festival - at Paulaner Nockherberg

The most popular of Munich’s Strong Beer Festival celebrations take place at Nockherberg, a huge brewery complex owned by Paulaner. At Nockherberg there’s a huge Festsaal (festival hall) where the strong stuff is downed - the atmosphere inside can be electric!
Here’s a handy Q&A about the Strong Beer Fest at Nockerbeg.

1. What time is it open?
The Starkbierfest is open 2pm to 11pm Monday to Friday and 11am to 11pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Above: Enjoying the fun at the Munich Starkbierfest.

2. Is there a cloakroom?
Yes, there’s one in the foyer of the festival hall where you can leave your coats and bags.

3. Can I book somewhere to sit?
You can’t book individual spots, just tables which seat up to 10 people comfortably. Unlike the Oktoberfest, you don’t have to book months in advance - you can often even still secure a reservation in the midst of the festival itself.

4. How much does a table cost?
As of 2019, a table at the Strong Beer Festival costs €129.00 - but that includes 10x entry (worth €2 each) and 10 one-litre mugs of strong beer, lager (Helles), soft drink or a special German beer-and-lemonade mix called Radler. So the table is actually free!

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Strong-Beer-Festival-Munich-StarkbierfestIt's all systems go at the Nockherberg festival hall!

5. How can I book?
To book for the Strong Beer Fest, visit this page, which is in German but not too hard to navigate. Oh, but watch out, those little squares on the plan don’t mean seats, but whole tables!
One more tip:You have to claim your table by 4pm on weekdays and 2pm on weekends - otherwise, they’ll probably give it to someone else.

munich strong beer festival talbe planA table plan of the Nockherberg festival hall.

6. How do I find the table I booked?
When you reserve a table you get a number, and there’s a plan in the foyer of the Festival Hall showing you exactly where it is.

7. Can I go without booking?
Of course! Not every table at the Munich Starkbierfest is allowed to be booked. And if you can’t find somewhere to sit, just ask one of the serving staff to help.

8. Can I pay with plastic?
Sorry, credit cards and other bank cards aren’t accepted - it’s cash only. There are ATMs in the festival hall’s foyer and in the beer garden.

9. Can I get a tab for my group?
Yes, if you ask the serving staff when you get seated, they will set up a bill for you and you pay the whole thing off at the end of your visit.

10. Is there entertainment?
The beer and people you meet are the main entertainment, but there's also a band to get everyone swinging. They play a mix of tradition Bavarian Oompah songs and modern hits, visit out sister website www.oktoberfest-songs-com for a run down of the tunes you’re most likely to hear.

Above: After just a little bit of strong beer, you too will be able to lift your partner like this!

Who can I contact with other questions?
Get in touch with the Nockherberg teach by calling +49 89 45991365 or emailing Or if you have any questions you think should be added to this list, please ask them in the comments section below.

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