Munich Olympics posters

MUNICH OLYMPICS POSTERS: Think of the 1972 Munich Olympics and it’s hard not to think of the Munich Massacre.
This bloody incident occurred after Palestinian Black September terrorists took part of the Israeli Olympic team hostage.

Eleven of the hostages, a West German police officer and five terrorists were killed, casting a shadow over the games. It’s really such a pity, not just for the violence in itself but because the Munich games were supposed to be so much more.
This was to be the “Happy Games”, presenting a rejuvenated and optimistic Germany to the world, just 40 years after “Hitler’s Olympics” in Berlin in 1936.
The ganes’ mascot, Waldi the dachshund, was the first Olympic mascot to be officially named. The Olympic Stadium itself featured revolutionary acrylic glass canopies and it still a Munich landmark today.
In retrospective, here are some wonderfully retro Munich Olympics posters.

munich-olympics-1972-posterShowing the suspended canopies of the Olympic Stadium
and the Olympic Tower.









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