More Kaltenberg pictures

MORE KALTENBERG PICTURES: Here are some more professional shots from the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament (Kaltenberger Ritterspiele), a medieval festival near Munich in Bavaria, Germany.
They're all copywrited to and used with the permission of the festival organisers, thanks guys!

Don’t forget to book tickets in advance for the festival if you want to see the arena show!

fire-breatherSPECTACULAR, SPECTACULAR: A fire-show at the Gauklernacht.
Pic: Christian Roch

grandstandYE OLDE GRANDSTAND: The crowd cheers from the "Lodge" at the
Kaltenberg Arena.

bedazzlingBEDAZZLING: A troupe of performers at the Kaltenberg Middle-Ages festival near Munich. Pic: Chris Gawron

horsemen of the northRIDING HIGH: Mounted men-of-the-realm hone their skills in the
Kaltenberg arena. Pic: Chris Gawron

knights-in-rainA LITTLE RAIN NEVER HURT ANYBODY: The show goes on despite the occasional downpour. Pic: Chris Gawron

knights-chargeCHARGE!:A young knight-to-be in training at the medieval fest.
Pic: Chris Gawron

knight-by-nightKNIGHT BY NIGHT: An armoured knight prepares to fight.
Pic: Marcus Hoffmann

knight-fightAND THIS ONE'S FOR MY SISTER!: The Black Knight (Schwarzer Ritter) decks the Bavarian Knight in the arena. Pic: Chris Gawron

evil-knightsHAIL TO THE CHIEF: The Black Knight's troops celebrate an early victory.
Pic: Chris Gawron

prince-of-bavariaTHE PRINCE: The real Prince Lutipold of Bavaria, host of the festival,
greets the crowd. Pic: Chris Gawron

belly dancer greenWHAT'S SHAKIN'?: A belly-dancer at the Kaltenberg festival.
Pic: Marcus Hoffmann

heat-it-upHEAT IT UP: A Middle-Ages worker at the marketplace.
Pic: Marcus Hoffmann

first-knightFIRST KNIGHT: A young boy being knighted at the festival.
Pic: Chris Gawron

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