More Kaltenberg pictures


Here's another selection of photos from the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament.

These ones were released by the event's organisers for the 2010 event.

If you haven't read the main story about the festival, you can do so at this page, Kaltenberg.

RIDE AROUND: Horsemen perform daring stunts in the arena at the Kaltenberg Knights' Tournament. Pic: Chris Gawron © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

BACK IN BLACK: The "Schwarzer Ritter" - Black Knight - aims up in the jousting arena at Kaltenberg. Pic: Roch © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

FAIR MAIDEN: A middle-ages damsel at the Kaltenberg fest. Pic: Calogero Morello © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

LIGHT MY FIRE: A fire breather heats things up during the parade at Kaltenberg. Pic: Calogero Morello © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

A HORSE OF COURSE: One of the magnificent steeds which grace the arena at the Kaltenberger Ritterspiele. Pic: Chris Gawron © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

ME AND MY DRUM: A medieval musician a the Kaltenberg festival. Pic: Chris Gawron © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

TRAINED: The stunt master with one of the horses at the Kaltenberg Knights Festival. Pic: Chris Gawron © Kaltenberger Ritterturnier

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