German Hunting and Fishing Museum

GERMAN HUNTING AND FISHING MUSEUM: Here the dying art of taxidermy is showcased in all its glory.

This museum (in German: Deutsches Jagd- und Fischermuseum) has over 500 stuffed animals, hunting memorabilia and what it claims is the “largest fishing collection the world”.

Animals R.I.P.

wild boar
OINK, OINK: Stuffed wild boar on display at the museum.
This always fascinating, occasionally disturbing ensemble has been housed in Munich’s former Augustiner Church since 1966. It’s a great one for kids, animal lovers, and those who like killing them.

Showcases of stuffed animals line the halls of the ground floor. There are birds, bunnies and deer, but my favourites are the big wild boar with grins frozen on their hungry faces.
Just plain silly are the “Wolperdingers”, Bavaria’s addition to the cryptid world of created critters. They’re roughly equivalent to the Australian Bunyip but smaller and less angry looking.

Hook, line and sinker

Yours truly at the museum
WHAT THE?: I wasn't really sure what to make of this place.

Stone-aged fishing rods are part of the fishing display further up.
It’s part of an interesting section with schools of extinct and fossilized fish.

Also up here is an interactive “children’s world”, where kids can stroke the fur of different animals and learn about their eating habits.

Tally ho, old boy!

The top-floor hall is lined with antlers and stars a skeleton of a giant deer.
Hunting exploits are depicted in paintings that would better suit an old earl’s den.
At the back is a collection of Rococo hunting sleighs. Ah-ha, so this was how the rich amused themselves before the Nintendo Wii was released!

old german hunting sled
GONE HUNTIN': A rococo hunting sled.

The details

Location: Neuhauserstrasse 2. It’s on the main pedestrian drag between Karlstor and Marienplatz. Look for the statue of wild boar out front!
9.30am to 5pm, Thursdays to 9pm.
Phone: 089 22 05 22

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