Eskimo boots?


On 24 October, 2012 Karen asked:

Thanks for your reply.  By the time you answered we changed our plan - so we are coming from December 9th till the 14th.  So we won't be missing anything.

Yes we have booked the hotel - our only requirement is to have a clean room and bathroom and close to the train station as you can't talk that much with a 5 year old.
My only concern now is the clothes - we come from Malta - a hot summer island so our wardrobes are not equipped for cold winters. I was advised to but these Eskimo boots just the holiday only.  My question is - is that easy to find them as soon you get out from the airport? My idea was to purchase 3 pairs on our first stop and wear them for 5 days.

Thanks for the web sites - really useful.

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Hi Karen,

That's great that you're coming earlier, now you'll be able to enjoy the Munich Christmas Markets in full swing.
My advice is: don't just visit the big market on Marienplatz, try to get to a few of the smaller markets, they're much nicer :-)
Try the market at the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) in the Englischer Garten park, or the "middle"ages" market on Wittelsbacherplatz for something different.
You might even consider getting out of Munich and visiting a market in a regional Bavarian city. I know for a fact that Augsburg, Rosenheim and Regensburg all have excellent Christmas markets.

I'm not sure about Eskimo boots, do you mean these?

Eskimo boots? Pic:  rjcantrell

These certainly aren't necessary for visiting Munich in winter. Any pair of solid, waterproof boots will do.

Waterproof, sensible boots. Pic: azmichelle

You will want to dress warmly, though, as it does get very cold here in December! You'll need winter coats, scarves and caps. I would recommend going quickly to your hotel first before you go shopping for clothes as it' s not soooo cold that you'll freeze after five minutes.
After you check in, make your way to the main pedestrian zone of Neuhauser Strasse / Kaufinger Strasse where you'll find many clothing and department stores for you to get the right clothes for the winter.

This is roughly how you may want to dress for exploring
outdoors in Munich in December. Pic: craigemorsels

Good luck and have a great time!

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