Egyptian Art Museum
(Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst)

FACE LIVES ON: From Queen Sitdjehuti's sarcophagus from about 1500BC. She was the daughter of a king and the wife of pharaoh. Pic by Hans Ollermann

A trove of treasures from the Kingdom of the Nile to be found here. The lion’s share was picked up by German explorers dispatched from the 16th century onwards.
It’s amazing to think about just how early Egyptian society flourished. They had a fully functioning kingdom over 5000 years ago, when Munich was just a twinkle in some barbarian’s eye.

They lived in d'Nile

TWIN GLORY: Double statue of Pharaoh Niuserre, from around 2400BC at the Egyptian Art Museum. Pic by Einsamer Schütze
There are mummies, amulets and statues galore as well as everyday items such as pottery and ancient textiles.

The collection spans the Egyptian civilization from the Early, Middle and Late kingdoms through to the Hellenistic, Roman and Coptic (Egyptian Christian) eras.

There’s lots of fascinating stuff to be learned here, from how the ancient Egyptians handled death to how they applied makeup and brewed the world’s first beer.

A children’s education program is available in English.
It includes a "treasure hunt" where kids have to explore the museum and answer questions based on the artefacts. .

The details

Location: Arcisstraße 16.
08928 927630
Tuesday 10am to 8pm, Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 6pm Mondays closed.
€7, concession €5, kids up to 18 free.
Take U-Bahn No. 3, 4, 5 or 6 to Odeonsplatz and duck through the archway on the eastern side. The museum is on your left!

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