Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

BEER AND OKTOBERFEST MUSEUM: So you’re not the kind of traveller who usually goes into museums?
You might reconsider for the house dedicated to Munich's favourite golden drink and the biggest excuse there is to drink it.

The Bier und Oktoberfest Museum traces the history of beer from its origins in ancient Egypt and its arrival in Munich, to the monastery breweries and Munich’s current six big breweries.


HALLOWED HALLS: The Beer and Oktoberfest museum is located in Munich's oldest residential building.

A treasured relic is the wooden chest the call the “Brewer’s Ark”. It's basically a rotting old box that plays a role in a Munich brewers' initiation ceremony.
The upper floor traces the evolution of the Oktoberfest from its beginnings as a horserace/royal wedding in 1810 to the world’s biggest folk festival.
There is a short film to watch and a great collection of old Oktoberfest posters - looking at those the fest doesn’t seem to have changed much at all over the years.
There's also a collection of antique beer krugs and a cartoon exhibition.

This is one museum that'll make you thirsty

Oktoberfesty goods.

You’ll find the Museum Stüberl, a small bar, on the ground floor. For a bargain 4€ you can combine your museum ticket with a voucher for a beer and a snack and the Stüberl. The museum is located in Munich’s oldest surviving residential house (1340), a worthy tourist attraction in its own right.
It’s a multi-storey rabbit warren with low ceilings, exposed brickwork and rickety stairs. The staircase on the right of the house is one of a kind. Dubbed the “Stairway to Heaven” it’s narrow, straight and reaches right to the top of the house.

The details

Location: The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum (German: Bier und Oktoberfest Museum) is at Sternecker Strasse 2. It’s down a side street between Marienplatz and Isartor.
Phone: 089 24 23 16 07
4€, concession 2.50€, family ticket 6€. Tickets for groups of six or more are 3€ each.
The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 1pm to 5pm, but can stay open later if there’s a group reservation.
The bar/restaurant is open Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm to midnight.
Directions: It’s a 10min walk from Marienplatz or a 5min walk from the Isartor S-Bahn station. See here for a map.

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