Augsburg Plärrer photos

A collection of Augsburg Plärrer photos.
It's a mini-Oktoberfest in a city near Munich.

The Plärrer is the biannual blowout in the city of Augsburg, a mere 45min or so by train from Munich. It’s a great alternative to the Munich Oktoberfest if you’re not around at that time of year, or if you’d like to experience Bavaria’s beer-fest culture in a smaller, less touristy setting. The Plärrer takes place twice a year, once in Spring, usually around Easter time, and again in late-August/September.

There are two big beer tents, a couple of smaller ones and all of the traditional rides, amusements and snack stands you’d expect to find at any self-respecting German beer fest. This is the festival I’ve attended more than any other in Germany (yes, even more than the Munich Oktoberfest)! The main story about the fest, including dates, costs, directions etc, is here. This page is dedicated to Augsburg Plärrer photos to give you more of an insight into what this party is all about about. Enjoy!

girl-at-beer-festival My assistant and GF, Bec, at the Augsburg Plärrer.

shooting-at-festival.A friend of our takes aim at one of the shooting galleries. At this one you shoot various object and they move about; shoot a cowboy at a piano and he starts to play, for example. Great fun.

beer-festival-musicOne of the band members has sax in the middle of the crowd.

augsburg-plarrer-lottoAt these stands you can buy lottery tickets and win stuffed dolls and such. I love it how the German word for "lottery tickets" is lose!

plarrer-cornNo prizes for guessing what kind of snack can found underneath this fella’s face….Hmmmm, that’s right, delicious corn on the cob.

ferris-wheel-grey-skiesThere’s always a Ferris wheel at the Augsburg Plärrer!

looking-seedy-at-plarrerThat’s me on the right with a bunch of likely suspects inside the Schaller tent.

german-beer-festivalAnd me again here, seemingly with a good grip on things.

merry-go-round-at-plarrer I went on this carousel once, but probably never again. It’s scarier than it looks – I thought I was going to fly right out of the thing!

augsburg-plarrer-fair-ridesAnother ride at the Augsburg Plärrer.

king-ludwig-ii-at-augsburg-plarrerThis was part of the opening parade for the Herbst (Autumn) Plärrer. In the sidecar sits a mannequin of Bavaria’s favourite king, Ludwig II.

sticks-of-fruit Behind the scenes. These sticks of fruit get dipped in chocolate and sold
as a sweet snack. Pic: Augschburger

tasty-trash Tasty trash? A waste disposal unit at the Augsburg Plärrer.
Pic: Augschburger

schaller-tent-augsburg-plarrerOutside the Schaller tent by day….

schaller-at-night…and by night. Uh oh, the sign’s changed.

plarrer-showgroundsEnter the mysterious world of cinema…..One of the more memorable attractions at the Plärrer.

plarrer-attractionAnyone else scared of clowns or is it just me?

beer-hereTo beer or not to beer? Who doesn’t want it, that is the question.

bavarian-paradeIt's the lederhosen lads – taking part in the opening parade for the Augsburg Plärrer.

hasen-brau-augsburgA beer cart makes its way down Augsburg’s main street, Maximilian Strasse
as part of the opening parade.

plarrer-parade Musicians taking part in the Plärrer parade.

fish-at-plarrer-festivalFish on a stick and a giant pretzel (Stekerlfisch und Breze) a winning culinary
combination at Augsburg’s twice-yearly folk fest.

plarrer-festival-nighttimeThe Plärrer looks amazing at night with thousands of coloured bulbs lighting up the night.

isetta-bmwVintage cars are also part of the parade. This is a cute little BMW Isetta.
Pic: katifits

fireworks-at-plarrerThere are usually fireworks on the two Friday nights of each Plärrer.
Pic: kopfkind

plarrer-augsburgMore night lights at the Plärrer.

arm-wrestle-at-the-plarrer Sick of dancing on the benches? Have an arm wrestle instead!

augsburg-plarrer-funA few friends of our messing about at the Augsburg Plärrer.

plarrer-carousel A similar ride in motion..I wouldn't fancy being flung around like that after
a few beers! Pic: Augschburger

auf-wiedersehen-from-the-plarrer It’s German for "See ya next time!"

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