ANTINKENSAMMLUNGEN: Going into museums like this gives me a sense of solidarity. Browsing its treasures, like a fourth century Roman goblet made of network glass, makes me think the ancients weren’t that different from us after all.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST: A Roman glass cup found in Cologne, Germany. The style is called Diatret, or "cage cup". Pic: Mattias Kabel

The reason being that the glass, found in Cologne, bears the Latin inscription “Bibe Multis Annis” or “drink many more years!”.
I think I had the same thing written on a stubby holder at uni.

Ancient treasures

The Antikensammlungen holds thousands of pieces of ancient jewellery, gold, silver, glass and bronze work and one of the world’s best collections of ancient Greek ceramics besides.

There are hoards of old vases depicting scenes of battle and daily life from over 2000 years ago.

Exhibits stem from the ancient Etruscan, Roman and Greek regimes.
The collection is housed in a Greek temple style building on the south side of Königsplatz, directly opposite the Glyptothek.
Must-sees You’ll find that Roman goblet downstairs. Other drawcards include a bronze statue from northern Greece called the “Girl from Beroia” (400BC) and a golden funeral garland from the Italian town of Armento (400BC).

IMMACULATE: Greek jewelry from 300 B.C., featuring a "Heracles knot" at the front. Pic: Mattias Kabel

ANCIENT GLORY: Step inside for a peek at life as it was millennia ago.

The Details

Location: Königsplatz 1
Phone: 089 59 83 59

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 5pm, Wednesday till 8pm
Cost: €3.50, concession €2.50, Sundays €1
Directions: Take U-Bahn No. 2 to Königsplatz. Or you can take the “Museum Bus” line No. 100 from the Hauptbahnhof.

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